Perrysburg Dementia Home Health Care Agency Cautions Adult Children Caregivers

Published on August 20, 2018

Friends of the Family Home Health Care cites unexpected problems often surface for those who care for elderly parents with Dementia. A quickly growing elderly population is causing their children to make tough choices and sacrifices.

Adult children are increasingly finding themselves thrown into the role of caregivers for parents who are not able to care for themselves.  Studies have shown that over time, the stress of juggling a job while still caring for their own families begins to take its toll. This has been shown to lead to problems such as debilitating health as well as financial issues for those trying to take on too much without proper support.

Beth Anne Varney, Director of Client Care and Dementia Specialist of Friends of The Family Home Health Care, states: “Unfortunately, we all too often see adult children of aging parents contact us to ask about solutions to care for their parents.”

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Dementia is actually a term used to classify certain debilitating cognitive symptoms. It is often used in describing any memory loss-related illness. Although Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common disease within the dementia category, Parkinson’s Disease is also a growing concern among the aging population.

While nursing home care is sometimes the only viable option, many healthcare professionals are in agreement that in-home care offers many advantages over having the patient move into a nursing facility. An article appearing in the Huffington Post points out that the number of adults caring for their parents has tripled over the last 15 years. 

Many adult children of aging parents do their best to allow their parents to remain in their own homes and attempt to fill the role of an in-home caregiver. But many find that there’s often a breaking point and that’s when we’re often called to assist.”

The added complications of increased stress, skipping meals and other unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep have shown that this can lead to health problems with these adult children.

In addition, there are significant financial costs if these adults are forced to cut back on work hours. These results in lost wages but can also reduce benefits down the road such as social security and reduced pension benefits. Some industry professionals-believe many of these problems can either be avoided or significantly reduced with proper planning.

To address this concern, the Perrysburg home health care agency has set up a consultation process intended to serve as an information resource

“We work together with local residents, “added Varney, “by providing a resource where individuals can get questions answered and learn about the various options of at-home care for their parents. Rather than see us as a reaction to an unexpected circumstance, we encourage individuals to anticipate the home care needs of their parents and to contact us well ahead of time in order to prepare and plan out a viable, affordable solution.”

For those wanting to know more about options for in-home care for aging parents can call the company or visit the company’s Perrysburg location.

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