Peter Koukoulas, Author of Mortgage Mastery Hits the Top of Amazon Best Seller Charts

Published on September 30, 2019

Peter Koukoulas, author of Mortgage Mastery: How to Become a Millionaire Using Little-Known Investment Secrets, Tops Amazon Best Seller Charts and Celebrates by offering a free copy of his book through his website.

Property and finance growth consulting expert Peter Koukoulas is recognized as a leader in his field, and his expertise is sought after by many who want financial freedom by learning the inside secrets and foundational strategies used by those most successful in mortgage finance.  Now, Peter is offering a free copy of his new book, Mortgage Mastery: How to Become a Millionaire Using Little-Known Investment Secrets, through his website for a limited time.

Mortgage Mastery is a guidebook to real wealth through the intelligent use of mortgages and building a solid investment portfolio.  Many of the tips and secrets known to the most successful financial moguls and the banking industry are condensed in Mortgage Mastery in a way that makes them easy to understand and utilize.  Peter shares insider tips on a broad range of topics, including paying off your mortgage more quickly, buying multiple properties with little or no money out of pocket and retiring in comfort.  The tactics in the book offer ways to stop struggling to succeed and instead build a substantial investment portfolio.

According to Peter, “Mortgage Mastery demystifies how finance works and also the mindset behind it all. If you want to learn about having a clear map to your financial freedom, mindset and attitude, read this book!” Mortgage Mastery is full of practical, solid, clear-cut advice on how to maximize every financial opportunity and build a solid investment portfolio.

For a limited time, visitors to can get a Free downloadable copy of the Amazon Best Seller Mortgage Mastery ($42 Value) at For more information, visit the website.

About Peter Koukoulas:  Peter Koukoulas is an author, speaker, and mortgage consultant expert, with nineteen years of experience under his belt. Having initially gained a vast, extensive knowledge in the mortgage industry, he has helped thousands of people with their finances. Peter is passionate in assisting and understanding people, equipping them to build a better quality of life for themselves and find financial freedom. He actively shares his own learning experience and those from many other entrepreneurs, in a practical, entertaining way.

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