Philadelphia Online Marketing Consultant Interviews With Business Innovators Magazine

Philadelphia Online Marketing Consultant Interviews With Business Innovators Magazine

Timothy Dimmick, online marketing insider, reveals how to compete and dominate within local markets online and how to help small businesses grow by effectively implementing an online advertising campaign.

Tim Dimmick, owner of Grand Slam Marketing, was interviewed by Andy Curry for Business Innovators Magazine about helping small businesses to obtain new clientele through online marketing.   Mr. Dimmick explains that in order to compete in today’s market, online ties are a must and he shares his expert knowledge on how to not only obtain new viewers to company websites but also how to convert those prospective customers into actual clients.

According to Mr. Dimmick, small businesses obtain a majority of their clientele from within a five to ten mile radius of their physical location and the ability to compete and dominate within local markets online plays a large factor in a small business’ chance of survival.  As an expert in online marketing services and marketing consultant services to small businesses, Mr. Dimmick shares how to compete effectively by having a well-built website and by using search engine optimization to increase website traffic.

Mr. Dimmick explains that advertising dollars are best spent on online advertising versus traditional methods of advertising such as television on newspaper ads, which he calls interruption marketing, because the result is reaching people who are searching for a product or service specifically rather than hoping the ad reaches someone in need of said product or service.  As Mr. Dimmick states, a company’s website is the business’ first chance to make an impression and communicate with prospective clients and should be set up so as to provide solutions to consumer’s questions.  On average, if a consumer cannot find the information they are looking for within twenty seconds, they will move on to another site.  For this reason, it is advantageous of business owner’s to make an investment, typically one-time, in website design with someone who understands how to build websites, converting visitors to customers, and how to ensure they show up on online directories.  As a progression in effective online advertising, once the website is set up, then investing in marketing through Google Ad Words and Bing Ad campaigns to max out the budget can help small business owner’s get the best return.

Grand Slam Marketing offers an array of online marketing services from website design and search engine optimization to PPC Advertising and video marketing.  The company also specializes in mobile services, such as building mobile websites and applications and SMS/text marketing.  Because the internet is always accessible, a company’s reputation is viewable and at risk 24/7. Grand Slam Marketing offers services for monitoring and managing small business’ online reputations.  Additionally, Grand Slam Marketing offers media services, which allow for small business’ to gain added exposure through major news channel affiliates.

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