Pony Express Bank With Scott And Tom Page As Top Executives Featured in Biz Journals

Pony Express Bank With Scott And Tom Page As Top Executives Featured in Biz Journals

Biz Journals has featured the Pony Express Bank, which is considered to be one of the strongest small banks in Kansas City. The bank’s president is Scott Page while Tom Page serves as the bank’s vice president.

Biz Journals has recently featured the Pony Express Bank as one of the strongest small banks in Kansas City during the first quarter of 2014. The bank’s president is Scott Page while Tom Page is vice president. It has been noted that the bank is one of the most successful and strongest small banks in Kansas City in a ranking test. The test involved specific classifications such as problem loan ratio, Texas ratio, core capital ratio, equity capital, and loans.

The problem loan ratio represents the number of loans in a bank’s portfolio that are no longer accruing interest, or that are 90 days or more overdue, while the Texas ratio represents any credit issues that a bank might have. Scott and Tom Page’s Pony Express Bank scored 0% for both of these qualifiers, while the core capital ratio, which is a measurement of reserves set aside by a bank was found to be 11.81%. This left the equity capital, or the capital set free of debt which is still available for the bank to use for business purposes, at $19,200,000, while the total loans equaled $110,130,000.

Scott and Tom Page are responsible for the success of the Pony Express Bank, which ranked highly alongside Goppert Financial Bank, Wells Bank of Platte City, First National Bank of Louisburg, and the Bank of Grain Valley. These have been listed as the top five strongest banks in the Kansas City area under $250 million in assets. Biz Journals said the following regarding Pony Express Bank:

“Although it didn’t make our list last quarter, this bank started the year incredibly strong. It had no problem loans in its $110.13 million portfolio. It has plenty of core capital with a ratio of 11.81 percent and $19.2 million in equity set aside.”

Biz Journals explained that in the past all banks were ranked together, but smaller banks held the benefit of fewer loans. For this reason, banks were instead divided using a less than $250 million in assets classification, a $250 million to $1 billion in assets, or a classification of over $1 billion in assets. This method of measurement seems to complete a more even method of judgment for banks both small and large within the Kansas City region.

The Pony Express Bank is a 120 year old bank, which has a focus on the Northland area. Within Kansas City there have been banks that were shut down due to competition and regulators in past years, which is one reason that this flourishing and still growing bank is so impressive to many in the finance industry. This success is attributed to the CEO Scott Page and Vice President Tom Page, and in regards to previous rankings within the Biz Journals small bank profiles Scott and Tom have said the following to those that work with them, and to clientele from the bank:

“Thank you to all of our customers and employees for helping make this happen!”

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