Power Blendz Provides On The Go Fitness In Fayetteville NC And Fort Bragg With Smoothies

Published on February 28, 2018

Fit4Life Health Club and Human Performance Center and several Fort Bragg fitness centers offer health drinks through their in-house Power Blendz Smoothie Cafe.

Whether it’s pre-fuel before a good workout, recovery from a great workout, adding some spring to the step or as a meal replacement for weight management, the smoothies and health drinks provided by Power Blendz satisfy many health and wellness needs.

The names are impactful and descriptive: Power Shake, Power Greens, Carb Cutter, Slim n’ Tone, Fat Burner, Pure Protein, Muscle Builder and Energizer to name a few.

The ingredients abound in a chorus of healthy elements: nutritionally advanced meal replacement, kick of energy, fat attacking supplements, recovery, high quality whey protein, low calories, high fiber, low carb low calorie and more.

Then there are the flavors w hich tantalize the imagination: Cookies n’ Cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Monster, Berry Blast and Orange Creamsicle just to name a few.

Along with the standard fare, they will add a ‘shake booster’ shot for recovery or strength. They also serve wheat grass shots, protein bars, coffee, Gatorade, monster drinks and water.

All of the above are served by knowledgeable and personable staff who take interest in providing the best drink for their guests, each of whom have individual and unique needs.

This is demonstrated by Ezra, a regular at Ritz Epps Fitness Center who works up an appetite every time he trains. He describes his favorite drink this way, “The Power Shake is good stuff. It really helps me because I get so hungry after working out and don’t want to eat so much. It works very well for me.”

Power Blendz smoothie bar locations all serve the same purpose, to provide high quality ingredients with the best taste for the right health goals in a convenient location with a helpful staff. When asked, random fitness guests say that the staff always goes above and beyond to ensure the customer has a great experience and takes the time to provide the right smoothie for their guests.

Amanda, Eileen and Holly work at Ritz Epps Fitness Center and all display those traits when helping their customers. Eileen is a group fitness instructor who had never tasted a Power Blendz smoothie until one day, “I was curious to see what the smoothies were like, so I tried the Pina Colada shake and it was such a delightful, uplifting, wonderful experience, I knew I had to work here and look at me now!” She continued, “My instincts kick in and I want to make sure everyone gets what they need before training and we all know that growth occurs after the workout so that is also important.”

The location in Fit4LIfe Human Performance Center is in Fayetteville NC about 10 miles from Fort Bragg. The gym offers traditional training with weight machines, cardio equipment and free weights, but additionally for those who want functional fitness, there are sleds, bands, tires, rubber exercise balls and more. There is also 2400 square feet of Astro Turf for athletes to practice sport-specific moves.

The Power Blendz locations on Fort Bragg NC are in Callahan Athletic Center, Hercules Fitness Center and Ritz Epps Fitness Center, which makes it convenient for the military who train on base before or after their workouts and even to stop in for a healthy meal replacement at lunch when they are pressed for time.

These gyms are large buildings which house all the weight training, cardio and fitness facilities that one could want. Some offer basketball courts, racquetball and handball courts, outdoor tracks and more. A list of locations and their contact information is below.

Power Blendz Smoothie bars located in Fayetteville at:

Fit4Life Health Club and Human Performance Center
2803 Fort Bragg Rd
Fayetteville NC 28303
(910) 568-5962

Power Blendz Smoothie bars located on Fort Bragg NC at:

Callahan Athletic Center
1705 2 Woodruff St
Fort Bragg NC 28310
(910) 396-3037

Hercules Fitness Center
763 Armistead St
Fort Bragg NC 28307
(910) 394-2892

Ritz Epps Fitness Center
C 7215 Champion Main Rd
Fort Bragg NC 28307
(910) 432-1031

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