Power Couple Ann And Lynn Teachworth Are Helping Women Find Healthy Love Matches Through Self Improvement

Power Couple Ann And Lynn Teachworth Are Helping Women Find Healthy Love Matches Through Self Improvement

Ann and Lynn Teachworth have teamed up in love and in business to help guide women toward healthier love relationships.

For Ann and Lynn Teachworth of LynnAndAnn.com (www.lynnandann.com), finding a love match went from a lucky break to a business model. The couple are now offering their matchmaking skills to women nationwide.

Offering a comprehensive approach, the Teachworths focus not only on what qualities their clients are looking for in a mate, but also on the women themselves.

“We help successful, single women understand why they keep attracting the wrong men – or no men – so they can finally break the single cycle and create lasting, loving relationships,” Ann Teachworth says.

Believing that fundamentally loving and lasting relationships are possible for everyone, the Teachworths are committed to helping their clients recognize potentially destructive, belief-limiting or damaging patterns of behavior that could be helping to sabotage relationships or resulting in few opportunities for relationships to develop.

Citing their own past dating and relationship woes, the Teachworths managed to break free from their individual limiting behaviors and establish a loving, mutual, and supportive relationship with one another. With all of that mind, their current approach to helping women find the same type of relationship is informed by their own journeys – separately and together.

“Having been through bad relationships and having finally created a great relationship, we love seeing people experience the inner and outer transformation that finally allows them to align with an incredible partner and create a great relationship,” Anne Teachworth says. “We know the positive impact healthy, strong relationships can have in families, communities and the world and it’s very rewarding to be able to help people create strong relationships.”

In working with the couple, clients benefit in a multitude of ways that go far beyond establishing loving and mutual relationships. The Teachworths’ approach of focusing on the whole woman allows their clients to develop a greater sense of clarity regarding their own lives and selves, the empowerment to live fully both within relationships and without, the freedom to move past old patterns and self-limiting behaviors, the confidence to embark on new relationships while remaining secure in themselves, and the ability to begin dating and experiencing relationships in an entirely new way based upon following a specific process and bringing specific actions to bear.

“We help people acquire the wisdom, tools, and skills to let go of the past and move into healthy relationship dynamics. Going on bad dates with the wrong people or spending years in bad relationships or searching for a relationship is costly in terms of time, money, energy, and emotional health,” Anne Teachworth says. “We help people break that cycle so that they can eliminate that waste and create mutually empowering, fulfilling relationships.”

Each with over twenty years of experience working with top professionals, athletes, and many others worldwide, the Teachworths have the well-established credibility and experience to truly help their clients breathe new life into their thought patterns and begin seeking and engaging potential love interests in an entirely new way.

“We both personally know what it’s like to go through unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships and do the work to create a great, fulfilling relationship,” Ann Teachworth says. “Our professional expertise in helping people be their best physically, mentally and emotionally and our personal experience have driven us to create this comprehensive approach to breaking dysfunctional relationship patterns and creating healthy, strong relationships.”

Client Sarah B., says that her experience working with the Teachworths ultimately led to her meeting the perfect match.

“I am really clear that if I had not cleaned up my past relationships [and] received coaching from Ann, I would have never met my…extraordinary, loving husband,” Sarah B. says. “I am so thankful for coming into contact with Ann and she will forever hold a special place in my heart because of the difference she made for me.”

For more information about Ann and Lynn Teachworth, visit www.lynnandann.com.


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