Premiere Fashion Blogger Tanya Major Shared Her Summer “Must Have” List For African-American Women

Published on October 31, 2014

Fashion Blogger for black women Tanya Major shared her summer “Must Haves” list. The list focused on those clothing items and accessories that black women must include in their collection for summer. Tanya’s advice for summer 2014 was to keep it simple and basic and dress for the weather outside.

Tanya Major, who has made a name for herself as the premiere fashion blogger for black women shared her summer  “must have” list that details the styles and accessories that African-American women must include in their summer wardrobes.

According to Major, “A great summer wardrobe is about keeping it simple and comfortable. If you focus on the right cut/fit for your body type and have a few key pieces, this will help ensure that you’re on the right track to obtaining your summer essentials that can be used for years to come.”

Major’s “must have” list for summer included clothes that are light, airy and comfortable with a limited number of accessories on the list because as she points out no woman wants to be weighted down with accessories when it’s hot outside. The list also included an assortment of footwear suggestions, with the emphasis on wedges, sandals and espadrilles.

Major also emphasizes the summer fashions that are suitable for the west coast where warm temperatures predominate year round. She felt the need to mention this distinction because many who visit the west coast in the summer forget, that as warm as it can be during the day, the evening can be cool and that necessitates a few extra pieces of clothing. As Tanya said, “The West Coast is a little different from other places, because it’s summer all year around. One difference is that it does tend to cool down at night, so carrying a light linen jacket, scarf or shawl is a must.”

The summer  “must have” list also touched on colors and patterns that are best for the summer season with Tanya recommending paisley, patterns, pinks and oranges. Most of all, Major reminds African-American women that what looks best is what works well with a particular skin tone.

What may surprise some is Major’s take on age appropriate clothing. According to Major the same rules apply to fashion irrespective of age and women between 25 and 40 as well as those over 50 should pay attention to the same guidelines when choosing a summer wardrobe other than style of shoe and cover piece.

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Tanya Major has been writing the “Major Must Haves” blog for the past four years and has caught the attention of numerous African-American women between the ages 18 to 45. She has been featured in magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly alongside many celebrities like Chris Brown, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and more. Tanya Major provides inspiration and motivation for a community eager to read her unique, trend setting column. Tanya also works with a variety of high-end retailers, including GAP, Old Navy, Barney’s, Sax Fifth Avenue, and Victoria’s Secret, who can be found in her online visual mall page. 

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