President of Axiom Cyber Solutions Shannon Wilkinson Featured in the November Issue of Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Published on November 30, 2016

Shannon Wilkinson, the President of cyber security startup Axiom Cyber Solutions, has been featured in the cover story of the latest edition of the popular women’s magazine Las Vegas Woman.

Axiom Cyber Solutions is pleased to announce that the company’s President Shannon Wilkinson has been featured in the November issue of the widely followed women’s magazine Las Vegas Woman. A start-up business dedicated to delivering game-changing cybersecurity solutions, Axiom Cyber Solutions has made noteworthy progress within a short lifespan. In 2016, the company has been selected by Enterprise Security magazine as one of the top ten firewall solutions and by CIO Review magazine as one of the top twenty promising DDoS solutions.

Shannon Wilkinson and her husband Troy (the CEO of Axiom Cyber Solutions) has been instrumental in the rapid growth of Axiom Cyber Solutions. As the President of the organization, Shannon relishes the challenges involved in building and sustaining a profitable business model in today’s ever-changing business scenario.

“I am a firm believer in the saying “Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life.” Software Development is my passion and what I love to do. I like finding new solutions to solve old problems and increase effectiveness, growth, and new opportunities through technology,” Shannon says.  

Under the leadership of Shannon and Troy Wilkinson, Axiom Cyber Solutions has quickly emerged as one of the most trusted providers of a wide range of solutions including Vulnerability & Penetration Assessment, Cybersecurity Architecture Planning, Schedule Compliance Assessment, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning, and much more.

Axiom has differentiated itself from the competition by creating a big data analytics platform that is able to parse vast amounts of cybersecurity threat intelligence and apply those insights to their customer’s defenses in real time, preventing cybercriminals from stealing valuable customer data. Shannon was the architect behind this big data project and brought her experience from building the United Nations hiring and recruitment platform as well as the Cigna & Walgreens health and wellness software platforms.

Las Vegas Woman is a popular lifestyle magazine that looks to provide positive and relevant resources to the women of Las Vegas, covering topics such as events, fashion, health, food, career, female features, family and much more. By featuring is this popular magazine, Shannon Wilkinson has certainly set an example for the women in technology throughout the region.

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About Shannon Wilkinson: Shannon Wilkinson is the President of Axiom Cyber Solutions, a start-up business delivering world class cyber security solutions. Shannon has recently featured in the cover story of the Las Vegas Woman magazine’s November issue. Shannon is a graduate of UNLV (undergrad) and University of Phoenix (masters).


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