“Produce Your Podcast” Launches New Growth Accelerator Program (GAP)

Published on March 7, 2023

Growth Accelerator Program provides tools and access to coaching, community, and accountability necessary to optimize members' podcasts to support overall goals.

Produce Your Podcast, an industry leader in full-service podcast production services for business growth-focused podcasters, has launched a new Growth Accelerator Program (GAP)  focused on audience building, marketing, and monetization.

The Growth Accelerator Program is a 6-month coaching and mastermind program designed to give podcasters best-in-class podcast growth practices, strategic guidance from the experts, and access to a highly focused cohort of other business-branded podcasters.

“GAP” will provide tools and access to the coaching, community, and accountability necessary to optimize podcasts that are supportive of a business’s sales and marketing goals.

According to a recent article from Squadcast, “podfade” happens to 75% of podcasts, which means that the majority of podcasters don’t make it past the first episode, let alone past episode 21. In addition, much of the strategy that is shared and data that is generated is targeted to help lifestyle-type podcasts similar to True Crime, News, or Comedy podcasts rather than business content-focused podcasts.  

A gap is left for these podcasters utilizing podcasts to grow their businesses to figure out marketing strategies, audience growth plans, and overall business goals. 

“There is an industry-wide need for better strategic support for business branded podcasts and Produce Your Podcast created that solution,” said Traci DeForge, Founder and CEO of Produce Your Podcast.

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“We found a literal gap in support and are filling it with our Growth Accelerator Program which offers what podcasters need most. We’re providing an interactive workshop experience focused on understanding their stats, creating strategies to grow their audience while connecting them to a community of like-minded business-focused podcasters,” said DeForge. 

Participants in the Growth Accelerator Program will learn how to simplify and streamline converting new listeners into new clients, specific call-to-action conversion plans, content delivery, and distribution tactics to maximize growth. This will help them to better utilize their podcast to best support their sales and marketing goals, understand sponsorships and ads, capitalize on social media marketing to expand their podcast’s exposure, and finally, it will assist participants in building short and long-term goals that will grow their podcast alongside their business. 

Monthly meetings include structured training, guest experts, live workshopping, and Q&A times to work on participants’ specific goals and podcasts. Attendees will also have access to the Growth Accelerator Report, which is a specialized GAP report created each month that contains expanded lessons, how-tos, tools, and more. 

Learn more about the GAP program.

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