Productivity Tools and Insights, LLC Helps Women-Run Businesses Hire the Best Candidates, Reach their Next Level of Success Effortlessly, and Attract Investors

Published on May 12, 2021

Carol Vincie's magical talent is to help others uncover their inner passions and holds them accountable for their follow-through.

Over the years, the well-known entrepreneurial shark Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank noticed a trend in his investments. This trend revealed, he consistently makes more money when his business investments are in companies run by women. This is a message that demands more exposure.  Carol Vincie, an entrepreneur herself, noticed a significant increase in the businesses being started by women, yet there has been no change in their outside financial support.  Carol is committed to changing this landscape whether it is with traditional bank loans or the more aggressive appeal to angel or venture investors.  

Carol Vincie, Founder of Productivity Tools and Insights, LLC (PTI) started her company after a successful career in the information technology industry. Carol began her first business in high school in order to pay for her college tuition. She grew the business, single-handedly, from 3 to 13 students over a 6-year period lasting until college graduation, incurring no debt and no assistance from her parents. Carol expanded her entrepreneurial focus into corporate jobs and continued with personal ventures throughout the course of her career in the corporate world. 

Delving into the venture capital arena, during the craze in the ’90s, Carol discovered her passion for this risky, fast-paced, and roller-coaster environment. After seeing her own achievements come to fruition, she became committed to coaching other women-run businesses to reach their maximum level of success.  She opens their eyes to the gifts their companies provide and guides them on how to accelerate their growth. And she has developed several programs to educate business owners through tricky, yet critical stages in day-to-day business operations. Realizing the importance of the hiring process, Carol created additional programs that focus on the intrinsic reasons for high staff turnover, often stemming back to owners simply selecting the wrong candidates for many positions throughout their organizations. 

Adept at reading between the lines, Carol constructed courses that allow participants, business owners, and entrepreneurs to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses much earlier. This allows them to make better decisions in the initial hiring process and ultimately leads to more business growth without turnover hiccups along the way. Approaching all client interactions with a no-nonsense approach, Carol has earned the distinct reputation for being a highly-trained listener with a gift of hearing vital details and data, analyzing information efficiently, and providing a customized plan to reach the next level of profitability. PTI also provides an environment for business owners to safely discuss challenges they face, knowing that effective strategies will be formed as a result. 

PTI’s strategies include:

  • A Suite of Online Staffing Assessment Tools
  • Planning and Time Management Online Seminars
  • Strategy sessions
  • Interim Professional Services Until Full-Time Resources are Required
  • 30- and 90-Day Tracking Programs

Known for her unique business solutions and creative methods of achieving success in the corporate world it is no wonder that Carol Vincie was selected to be a contributing author in Sammy Blindell’s The Law of Brand Attraction 2, a compilation of enlightening stories, expert words of wisdom, and proven strategies from a variety of industry experts on implementing positive global change. The Law of Brand Attraction 2 will also give 100% of royalties, for the first 3 months, to B1G1 – Building For Good, a company whose mission is to change lives daily by supporting social and environmental impact projects. This inspiring read will not only empower readers with informative strategies so that they may move past overwhelming obstacles in their lives and achieve their goals. It will also help them understand that once they strengthen their inner-self, and establish a healthy new mindset, they will be able to develop more effective business strategies as a result.

Carol’s magical talent is to help others uncover their inner passions and holds them accountable for their follow-through. As she shares her profound business insights through her various programs, and in The Law of Brand Attraction 2, individuals will learn to receive tangible results in business, that are long-lasting.  The best place to start is by choosing wisely right from the beginning! Learn more today on how to make wise choices in business with PTI.



Carol Vincie, Founder of Productivity Tools and Insights, LLC (PTI) has had a highly successful corporate career in the fast-paced, challenging, high-growth Information Technology field. In addition to her typical 60-hour workweek, she has managed several demanding entrepreneurial endeavors.

Her ability to understand complex processes has enabled her to navigate through various industries including Brokerage, Banking, Insurance: Property, Casualty and Health Care, and Engineering. In her corporate roles, Carol held a liaison role managing projects between clients, engineering, and programming staffs.

Carol’s strengths include creative outside-the-box thinking, critical listening, problem resolution, and candid feedback. These skills, combined with her trail-blazing leadership style, have enabled her to implement tremendous growth for clients. Carol has worked in the venture capital arena, building teams and making connections with investors and main street businesses to build teams for stability and growth.

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