Professional Life Coach Lucy Shaw Reaches Two Amazon Best Seller Lists with The Journey

Published on October 3, 2016

The Journey featuring Lucy Shaw hits #1 on the Conduct of Life & Spirituality Best Sellers List.

Lucy Shaw specializes in helping successful professionals re-ignite their passion for their work, relationships, and creativity when they find themselves feeling “stuck.” Lucy, hit #1 on the Conduct of Life & Spirituality Best Sellers List on Friday, September 23rd, 2016, for the release of The Journey. The book also ranked No. 2 in the Spiritual Gifts category.

The Journey outlines a system that anyone feeling ‘stuck’ in life can use to get ‘unstuck’!   Readers are urged to view and navigate their life’s Journey as a path of discovery; uncovering what really matters for them in creating and sustaining their own unique brand of spiritual, financial, emotional and physical freedom.

Shaw states “Interruptions on this wonderful journey called life are a part of growing. Freedom and prosperity is all about having the personal and spiritual capacity to know when you are stuck and how to find and release all of the emotional land mines that prolong the interruptions. Getting stuck is not the problem, it’s knowing that you are either standing under an exit sign, on the ramp stalled and holding up traffic or simply needing to pull over to a full-service rest stop for some help and re-fueling! The Journey is about diagnosing, treating and developing a personal cure regimen for the pains of growing into the life we can love living.”

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The Journey is available on in Paperback and Kindle at“How-kicked-Earth-University-ebook/dp/B01M1GZ7XH/

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