Profit Authority Scott Dantuma Reaches Three Best Seller Lists

Profit Authority Scott Dantuma Reaches Three Best Seller Lists

Authority Media Group, LLC congratulates Scott Dantuma, best-selling author featured in the new book, “Small Steps – Big Results” which recently hit three Amazon Best Seller lists.

The book ranked at #5 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category. It also attained best-selling rank in the ‘Small Business’ and in ‘E-Commerce’ categories.

When Chicago native Scott Dantuma left the Marines, he took the little money he had accrued and figured out how to debt-leverage the purchase of a business. After that, he then had to figure out what to do with all the debt.

He was able to turn his company around and sold it a few years later. He found that he had a propensity for turning companies around and he actually enjoyed it, and forty-two years later, this is still his passion.

Scott likens the novice’s 16% chance of winning at the Blackjack table in Las Vegas to business, “The blackjack novice has a 3 times better chance than the new business owner.”

Scott digs into this problem in the chapter “Having a Successful Business” where he examines, “.. the continual demise of new businesses… What are they doing wrong, and why aren’t they fixing it?”

“Poor Financial Planning” is often the culprit, and gets plenty of Scott’s attention.

“You need to learn about your financials or find someone to help you,” says Scott. You have got to “know your numbers, collect the right information, understand what the numbers mean, and control or change those numbers.”

According to Scott, “It’s not enough to just know you need to change it. The next question is, how do I change it? So that’s what we work with companies to understand. We educate them. Here’s where you are. Here’s what you need to do to change this. Here’s how it’s going to improve your cash flow.”

Mr. Dantuma has financially restructured over 2000 companies in his forty-two years of helping businesses and that has included businesses in virtually all industries.

Scott gives restructuring a unique spin by combining the financial restructuring of businesses with interpreting the financial information to improve cash flow.

Scott concludes, “Once you have these systems in place, it will be easier to do the proper things to maximize your cash flow. And that, after all, is what a business is created to do.”

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