Psychotherapist Turned Transformational Mentor Teresa Kaplan Reveals The Power of Releasing Limiting Beliefs on Influencers Radio

Published on August 23, 2022

Psychotherapist turned Transformational Teacher, Healer, and Mentor Teresa Kaplan was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize.

It’s not uncommon for smart, ambitious people to become stuck in patterns of behavior that can prevent them from reaching their potential in relationships, business, and personal goals.

According to Psychotherapist turned Transformational Teacher, Healer, and Mentor Teresa Kaplan, most people have negative stories they have accrued since childhood and beyond that can impact all areas of life.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Kaplan discussed how she is helping her clients to unlock their full potential by releasing limiting beliefs.

During the interview, Kaplan explained how patterns and beliefs can significantly impact people’s lives, saying, “Most of the time, we have so much more going on than we realize, and that’s a part of why we end up getting frustrated or staying stuck. We can talk about patterns in terms of mental patterns where we ruminate on the same thoughts throughout the day without even realizing it. We have emotional patterns, which are really kind of typical triggers that each of us have that occur in our relationships and other places. And then, of course, we have behavioral and situational patterns where despite our best intentions, we may continuously find ourselves in the same situation or attracting the same kind of partner that doesn’t meet our needs. Pretty much our whole life is patterns when you think about it.”

Kaplan explained the concept of “Fear Pairs” and how subconscious anxieties can create resistance and negative patterns that lead to self-sabotage, saying,” We all have fear pairs stored in our subconscious that we’re unaware of. Most of the time, we’re only aware of what we want. Like, I really want success. But if we really want success, and it’s not happening, then almost always it means that there’s some other part of us inside that is feeling resistant to success, that has a fear of success. I’ve found that the more charge someone has around wanting something, almost always, the more resistant the other part of them is. There is a kind of confusion in our subconscious, in our psyche, around what it looks like to have a fear of success and other repercussions that we’re not even aware of at all. We just know that we just want to be successful, but subconsciously we have these beliefs and thoughts around, ‘if I’m successful, then I’m more susceptible to having people be jealous of me or being judged or criticized.’  The fear of success and failure is the most common ‘Fear Pair,’  but we have hundreds of them. So anytime you notice yourself wanting something, but it’s not coming easily, then it’s a good idea to stop and think, ‘Is there any part of me that’s uncomfortable with actually getting to attain this?’ And sometimes, it’s simply that it hasn’t been a part of our reality, so we don’t know how to receive it. We don’t know how to embody it because we don’t have the wiring for it.”

Teresa Kaplan is passionate about helping her clients create positive change from the inside out, allowing them to shift long-held patterns and issues that keep them stuck so that they can create deep change in a real way that is authentic to their calling.

As an advocate for alternative, highly effective modalities that go beyond traditional therapy, Teresa began using energy work in her private psychotherapy practice in 2008. In 2016, she shifted from traditional therapy to the cutting-edge energy healing modalities she uses today.

Working with thousands of clients has allowed Teresa to understand the hidden ways we accidentally sabotage ourselves and our lives. Her mission is to help others unlock their full potential by clearing the mental obstacles standing in the way.

Anyone feeling burned out, stuck, frustrated, insecure, or lost about their next-level life purpose or has a vision but is overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to get there can gain tremendous insight from this episode.

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