“Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform” Now Available

Published on July 29, 2015

“Build Yourself to Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform” by Diane K. Bell and Becky Norwood is now available on Amazon. The book focuses on how to use education, experience and skills to become an authority and create a perpetual income stream.

Authors Diane K. Bell and Becky Norwood have successfully launched their latest book and it is now available on Amazon.com. The book is “Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform- Turn Your Knowledge, Skills & Expertise into Perpetual Income.”

“Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform” is an important addition to the world of authority marketing. Unlike other books on the topic, however, this book doesn’t simply focus on the topic of becoming a published author, which has been the foundation of authority marketing from the beginning. This book goes much deeper and describes a system business professionals use to tap their education, expertise and knowledge to create perpetual streams of income. The foundation of perpetual wealth remains becoming a published author, and the book teaches readers to use their status as published experts to create perpetual prosperity.

As Norwood explains, “Some are calling the information in this book as valuable or even more valuable than the information students learn in Ivy League institutions. In fact, the authors relate a story of a Harvard University study that asked students nearing graduation to write down their financial goals. After 20 years, these students were interviewed again, and the authors of the study found that 3% of those interviewed initially had a combined net worth that exceeded the combined net worth of the remaining 97%. This 3% had the skills to create perpetual streams of wealth for themselves and the authors of this book reveal what is takes for anyone to do the same.”

Bell adds, “We were compelled to write this book, the first in a series, to encourage young professionals and aging boomers in transition to take advantage of today’s changing publishing landscape.”

One reviewer sums it up very nicely: “This book is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to write a book, get it published and then how to profit from it. They give real life examples and lots of reference material. Easy read and easy to implement.” – Judy Carrico

The book launch spurred the pair’s newest venture…“Fast Start To Your Book- Group Program” a 12-week course they now offer online. More information can be found on the book’s Amazon page. 

Company Name: Publish Your Way To Wealth
Contact Person: Becky Norwood
Email: becky@publishyourselftowealth.com
Phone: 623.810.1279
Country: United States
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