Publisher Launches National Search For Divorce Professionals To Feature In New Amazon Book Titled Divorce Insights

Published on April 17, 2019

Publisher and Radio Host Mark Imperial seeks Divorce Professionals to be interviewed for new book titled “Divorce Insights”, benefiting charity.

Mark Imperial, founder of Remarkable Radio and Press confirmed they have officially launched a Nationwide search to find 5 Divorce Professionals to spotlight in the new book titled, “Divorce Insights: America’s Leading Divorce Professionals Speak”, benefiting charity.

The charity will benefit from their story within the book, the publicity and media coverage that results, along with a pledge of 100% of the retail royalties.

Explaining the search process, Imperial said, “This is an important book series for us, so we’ll be hand-picking Divorce Professionals who are true advocates for the success of divorcing couples in America, while at the same time committing to spread the word about a great charity.  The book chapters will be in interview format, making it easy for our professionals and a great read for our readers.”

Imperial said, “For the attorneys and professionals chosen to be interviewed for the book, there is no fee, we simply ask they help spread the word by carrying the book in their office.”

Divorce Attorneys and other Professionals can submit their info at:

Imperial went on to explain, “We are a business book publisher that helps Attorneys and other professionals publish their books to promote their practice. These charity books are how we help causes, and help attorneys and professionals at the same time,  in hopes we may be able to serve them in the future.”

Scheduled for early Summer 2019 release, “Divorce Insights: America’s Leading Divorce Professionals Speak” will spotlight each Professional’s practice selected from this search, sharing their insights and real world experience making divorce less stressful.

Imperial said, “The Divorce Professionals we select must be passionate about helping divorcing couples, and have good reputations. They will answer the most common questions and bust the myths and misconceptions so many people have about Divorce. “Divorce Insights: America’s Leading Divorce Professionals Speak” will cover law, collaborative divorce, mediation, children, finances, mortgages, real estate, and more – a lot of information that is rarely talked about”.

Imperial went on to describe the book as, “… a powerful resource for divorcing couples who want to divorce with less worry, without the stress caused by lack of information, or worse — misinformation”.

“With the publicity we receive from our books, we anticipate a lot of exposure around this project, for both the charity and the professionals we select to feature. Our readers get great information, our charity gets much needed exposure, and our Divorce Professionals get published in print, appear on our radio program, and get great exposure for their practice in the news. It is sure to be a winner for all involved.”

Divorce Attorneys and Professionals can apply by calling Mark Imperial’s office at 1-888-523-1987 or submit thier information online at:

Learn more about Mark Imperial at:

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