Publisher Seeks Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas To Feature In New Amazon Book Titled Remarkable Beauty

Published on August 9, 2019

Publisher and Radio Host Mark Imperial seeks MedSpa and Aesthetic Professionals to be spotlighted in new book titled “Remarkable Beauty: Meet America’s Leading Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas”, benefiting charity.

Mark Imperial, founder of Remarkable Radio and Press confirmed they have officially launched a Nationwide search to find 5 to 10 Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas to spotlight in the new book titled, “Remarkable Beauty: Meet America’s Leading Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas”, benefiting charity.

The charity will benefit from their story within the book, the publicity and media coverage that results, along with a pledge of 100% of the retail royalties.

Explaining the search process, Imperial said, “Just like our other charity books, we’ll be hand-picking Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas who are dedicated to educating the public about the little known truths about Aesthetic treatments and MedSpas, while at the same time, committing to spread the word about a great charity. The book chapters will be in interview format, making it fast and easy for our professionals to contribute and engaging for our readers.”

Imperial said, “For the Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas chosen to be spotlighted in the book, there is no fee, we simply ask a small contribution to the overhead of writing, editing, layout, design, and publishing the book. It’s a nominal, tax-deductible contribution that will get them published on Amazon, Kindle and other major book platforms so they can say ‘they wrote the book’ on beauty and aesthetics”.

Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas can submit their info at:

Imperial explained, “We are a business book publisher that helps Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas publish their own solo books to gain more clients and patients. These charity books are our foot-in-the-door, breakeven way to help causes, and help Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas at the same time.”

Imperial continued, “Our charity books are a fast and easy way for professionals to finally be seen as a published contributing author. If they ever dreamed of writing their own complete solo book, we hope this experience earns their future business, although there is no obligation.”

Scheduled for Fall 2019 release, “Remarkable Beauty: Meet America’s Leading Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas” will spotlight each Professional selected from this search, sharing their knowledge, specialties, and passion.

Imperial said, “The Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas we select must be passionate about helping and educating their market, and have good reputations.

They will answer the most common questions and bust the myths and misconceptions that so many people have about Aesthetic treatments. “Remarkable Beauty: Meet America’s Leading Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas” will share little known insights into the safety and effectiveness of different treatments and procedures”.

“With the publicity we receive from our books, we anticipate a lot of exposure around this project, for both the charity and the professionals we select to feature. Our readers get great information, our charity gets much needed exposure, and our Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas get published in print, possibly appear on our radio program, and get great exposure for their businesses in the news. It is sure to be a winner for all involved.”

Aesthetic Professionals and MedSpas can apply by submitting their information online at:

Learn more about Mark Imperial at:

Company Name: Imperial Action
Contact Person: Shannon Rae
Phone: (630) 923-5425