Publishing Company Crowdfunding Social Change

Published on September 7, 2016

President of Augmented Publishing Group, Lisa Williams, believes that social change can be crowdfunded, and she aims to prove it by launching a 24-hour Go Fund Me campaign to fund her new short-read book series, “#RealTalkRacism: Change Matters,” an initiative aimed at using the power of education to eradicate mindsets of prejudice that only serve to divide the American people. Williams stated, “We, as a nation, as a people, are starving for ways to interact with one another, to start meaningful conversations that can lead to understanding, accountability, and justice for all of us.” The campaign will take place Monday, September 12, 2016, America’s National Day of Encouragement.

Augmented Publishing Group is a Los Angeles-based boutique media agency and book publishing company that specializes in the creation of both single-author and collaborative books that are designed to address the needs and concerns of a target group and meet that need through the power of rich educational resources.

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has become an effective and efficient means by which both companies and individuals can raise the necessary monies to do almost anything, from subsidizing a personal vacation to paying off medical bills.

Americans are a philanthropic people who, according to, gave a total of $258.51 billion worth of individual gifts in 2014. According to a report released by Massolution, an industry research firm, crowdfunding saw $16.2 billion worth of gifts in 2014. People, and more specifically, Americans, are willing to donate to causes that they deem worthy, and presently, race relations are heavy on everyone’s minds.

“So that tells us that people care,” expressed Williams. “The people of this nation are much more than shootings, riots, and protests; we are helpers. We believe in the power of numbers. When we all pitch in, we all benefit. When we all have skin in the game, our differences begin to disappear, and we find our common focus. That’s what “#RealTalkRacism: Change Matters” is about—helping all people to focus on the importance of each of us, regardless of skin tone, neighborhood, profession, or subculture. We all have a place here, we just need to figure out how to accept each other. This series will provide the education people need to do just that.”

Williams is calling all bloggers and people of influence to join her think tank and help develop a plan to heal racism in America. To find out how you can get involved, email or visit


ABOUT AUGMENTED PUBLISHING GROUP: Augmented Publishing Group, a division of Authority Book Consulting, LP, is a Los Angeles-based boutique book publishing and media agency that specializes in the creation of single author and collaborative books, designed to help community businesses and associated nonprofits grow their companies.

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