Publishing Media Professionals Announces New Authority Marketing Guy Video Available For Download

Published on May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 26, 2014 – Publishing Media Professionals, an established leader in online media publishing, today announced that a new online video with The Authority Marketing Guy, Stewart A. Alexander is available for download at

Alexander is an expert on authority marketing and the topic of the interview is the differences between public relations and authority marketing.

Emily Armitage, Managing Editor of Publishing Media Professionals, said journalists and bloggers may download and use parts or the entire video for news stories and blog posts on the topic.

“With all of the recent attention in the news questioning the differences between public relations and authority marketing and its global impact on small business, we decided to release this video with our Authority Marketing expert,” said Armitage. “We feel the video will help to clear to any confusion on this topic. Journalists and bloggers are encouraged to use the interview for background or quotes in news stories or blog posts.”

Publishing Media Professionals is also making The Authority Marketing Guy available for live interviews and podcasts by request only. To schedule an interview or to request more information, call 415-513-0205 (US office) 0113-8152000 (UK office).

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