Purpose Before Profit. Craig Shelly Luxury Watches – a Shared Commitment to Social Change.

Published on November 9, 2020

Since the spring of 2020, we have experienced challenges in life that are far beyond anything we could have imagined being a part of our lifetime. As we face social and economic climate changes, that don’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon, many individuals are now looking at luxury item purchases in a whole new light.

The desire for luxury is still there, however, many are now carefully selecting items that also play a part in bringing about social change and provide a deeper meaning. 

A Craig Shelly Beverly Hills timepiece personifies extravagance, quality, uniqueness and a commitment to giving back allowing it to be a highly sought-after brand. When you invest in a Craig Shelly watch you are receiving a premium watch that is Swiss-crafted, assembled in the United States and created with compassion for helping others. Using exceptional materials, sapphire crystals, mother-of-pearl, top-grade stainless-steel, no detail is left undone showing the company’s continuous drive for impeccable artistry at its finest. The upscale brand, with pieces designed for men and women of all generations, delivers elegant, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces including earrings, bracelets, cufflinks and pendants. All of which exude a classy, timeless appeal appreciated by jewelry and watch enthusiasts worldwide. 

Dedication to craftsmanship is not the only thing that Craig Shelly is committed to. The core beliefs of the husband and wife team, who form the brand Craig Shelly, are to assist people in need by contributing a percentage of every sale to philanthropic organizations worldwide. The Craig Shelly “Commitment to Social Change” is to support causes that impact our world. Organizations that have touched the hearts of Craig and Shelly most notably are Shriners Hospitals for Children, StormAid (for communities affected by natural disasters), Akshaya Patra (ending hunger and poverty through meal programs and educating children), A Soldier’s Journey Home (providing veterans a home) and Along Comes Hope (an organization benefiting children fighting cancer). With giving back at the forefront of their business model, “Purpose Before Profit” has become the Craig Shelly motto.

In 2019, Craig Shelly released a limited-edition collection, called the Hope Collection, which included a custom piece, El Capitan Rose, worn by actor Colin Farrell, known for his role in HBO’s True Detective, at the 91st Academy Awards show. Individual Hope Collection pieces represent various powerful emotions for owners of these exquisite timepieces. Carefully chosen names such as Love, Believe, Cherish, Empower and Faith signify a mantra and allow the wearer to carry their mission with them as a reminder of what they stand for, or seek in their lives. When asked what the collection meant to him, Craig replied, “HOPE … such a simple, pure, yet powerful word! It has the power to change anything and anyone. It can transform adversities into possibilities. Giving the gift of HOPE to someone is elevating their spirits and giving them a chance to make a difference in their lives and that of others around them.”

At Craig Shelly, their unique business model also provides an Ambassador Partner Program for entrepreneurs within the community. It is by invitation only and members are thoroughly vetted and referred through a current partner of the program. Individuals in the Ambassador Partner Program are advocates of the Craig Shelly brand and attend coaching and mastermind events, participate in mentorship programs and investment clubs and receive access, through these events, to some of the most incredibly successful business tycoons, professional trainers, influential athletes and self-made millionaires.  The program is an investment in personal growth and will allow members to expand financial wellness exponentially.

With the purchase of a Craig Shelly timepiece you are not only buying an exceptionally made watch you are allowing yourself to be the change that this world so desperately needs. You are making a difference to a child, a soldier, a person in need and you are truly a part of something so meaningful.

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