Radio Show Seeks Exit Planning Advisors to Discuss Exiting and Selling a Business In The Post-Pandemic Economy

Published on March 11, 2022

Radio Host Mark Imperial seeks leading Exit Planning Advisors to discuss the state of exiting and selling a business in today’s post-pandemic economy.

Mark Imperial, host and media contributor to numerous Business programs heard nationally, seeks Exit Planning Advisors to uncover if and how a business owner can successfully exit and sell a business today.

Describing the interview series, Imperial explained, “This wasn’t a topic we could tackle on our own, so my team is reaching out to Exit Planning Advisors across the United States to find top Advisors who are generous about educating the business community on this complex topic. The Advisors we are looking for must be advocates for the success of their clients and passionate about helping them succeed.”

This interview series is important, Imperial shared, “During my previous series with Business Brokers, I discovered that the majority of Business Owners are woefully unprepared to sell their businesses and lack the necessary knowledge to exit successfully. Many business brokers refer to Exit Planning as a necessary first step in preparing a business to sell. This series aims to raise awareness of this need and introduce the business community to a multitude of qualified, leading Exit Planning Advisors across the country.”

Explaining how Advisors can participate, Imperial stated, “We record our segments remotely via Zoom and it will only take 10 to 15 minutes. Many of my guests are first-time interviewees and that is okay, I make sure they look and present at their best.”

“My guests simply book their interview on my calendar. There is nothing to prepare, my program is candid and I always describe the discussion being just like ‘talking shop over a beer. I’m just like a prospective client asking questions, there are absolutely no ambush questions or anything weird so my guests already know how to explain their work.” Imperial continued, “After the interview airs, I provide my guests with a link to their segment so they can use it anywhere they wish with my compliments. It helps us promote our show and that’s why we are happy to feature and promote them as guest experts.”

Exit Planning Advisors who are interested in being featured on the program to share their knowledge  can learn more at:

Company Name: Imperial Action
Contact Person: Media Manager
Phone: (630) 923-5425