Random Acts Of Kindness Week Celebration – February 14 – 20, 2024

Published on February 5, 2024

In recognition of Random Acts of Kindness Week , Jill Lublin, author of The Profit of Kindness and creator of monthly Kindness Circles, invites the public to participate in a magnificent, joyful celebration of kindness, Wednesday February 21st at 10AM to 11AM Pacific Time. This is an ongoing circle that meets monthly, where kindness is timeless.

Lublin is the author of The Profit of Kindness, a book she wrote initially to encourage business owners to practice kindness for the benefit of their companies, their customers and their employees. Her monthly online Kindness Circles became an extension of her intention as business owners flocked to her mission

“After The Profit of Kindness came out, I wanted something that people could do that was specific and would keep kindness as a constant in their lives. There is such a huge benefit to being kind – kindness helps people to be happier. Happier people are shown to make more money and to have better friendships,” explained Lublin.

Some simple acts of kindness that Lublin suggests are getting to know one’s neighbors by bringing over a favorite dish or some flowers from one’s garden, smiling at strangers, or acknowledging something positive about them.

“Practice a conscious act of kindness every single day, whether it’s writing a handwritten card, sending a nice text, or holding the door for someone,” Lublin shares.

Lublin relates a story about how an act of kindness helped her to get back on her feet – literally. After an accident left her in a wheelchair with two broken ankles, she could not afford to keep working with her business coach. However, in an act of kindness, her business coach insisted on helping her and told her she could continue to pay him once she was back on her feet. She worked with that coach for 12 years because of the loyalty he displayed through his act of kindness.

Everyone is encouraged to celebrate Kindness – no matter what week or month it is – and be inspired! And most importantly, keep being kind.


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