Raven International Media Launches Mentors, Masters & Innovators Digital Magazine

Published on November 25, 2019

Raven B Glover, Founder of Raven International Media, shares positive content and messages through her new magazine, titled “Mentors, Masters & Innovators.” Whether it’s from a Mentor, a Master, or an Innovator, stories inspire action. Every person featured within the magazine is a leader who provides tips and strategies to support readers.

Jack Canfield (one of the original co-creators of  The “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Phenomenon) has described Raven as: “One of the best interviewers on the planet.” Raven, a.k.a. The Talk Show Maven, is a former CNN radio correspondent, and a 5 X award-winning host, having been awarded the 2016 Giant Community Leader, the Global Women’s Summits Outstanding Leadership Award, and is a proud recipient of Barack Obama’s 2016 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The creation of the magazine was a labor of love for Raven and editor Carol Ann DeSimine, of alignbelievecreate.com. The inaugural issue’s Cover Girl is Julie Saillant, and her featured article is titled “The Power of Mindfulness as a Tool to Achieve Success.” Other contributors to this issue include Hosts of Raven International TV Network.

Raven shared her inspiration behind the title and purpose of the magazine: “When I think of a Mentor, I think of how it is their job, their responsibility, to move others toward their dreams and their breakthroughs…to push past their challenges. They pave the way and show us how by being authentic and sharing their own vulnerability and their heartfelt stories. When I think of what makes someone a Master, I think of icons such as Les Brown, Alex Mandossian and Lisa Sasevich, and some of the others I look up to…Lisa NicholsBrian TracyBrendon Burchard…the list goes on. They are the trailblazers at the top of their game. I’m sure you have your own list of those who made an impact on you. And, then, we have the Innovators…those who are naturally gifted with such insight, such vision, that they would invent things, or have the courage to stretch themselves as they stretch the world and those who dare to follow their dreams outside of their comfort zone. They are the true risk-takers.”

Digital media such as digital magazines are increasingly important in a time where the 18-34 age group (called “digital natives”) influence media consumption. And digital magazines provide benefits that traditional magazines can’t, such as including video and audio. These features engage the reader and create a powerful interactive experience.

Risa Becker, an author for MRI audience data company, said in an article for Folio Mag, “More Importantly, publishing brands continue to acquire many more eyeballs across all the electronic platforms at a rate offsetting paper edition declines.”

Raven International Media Empire is a media and broadcasting creation, distribution, and syndication agency that utilizes audio, video, and print media methods to deliver content and advertisement. Options include Live Streaming, podcasts, New Media streaming TV platforms (Roku, Amazon Fire, and soon to be on Apple TV), nationally syndicated press releases, book publishing, traditional and digital magazine advertisements, and TV commercials.

Raven encourages: “Read the articles. Get inspired. Get into action. Some will resonate more than others. We’re here to help you push past any obstacles that might be holding you back from showing up as a Mentor, Master or Innovator.”

For more information on advertising in Mentors, Masters & Innovators magazine, or to speak with Raven about other broadcasting opportunities, please reach out to Raven at 818-941-7617 or email her at support@raveninternationalmedia.com. To schedule a complimentary strategy session with Raven, please go to https://bookme.name/ravenbglover/free-30-minute-strategy-session.

To sign up for a free subscription to the magazine, please go to raveninternationalmedia.com/magazine.

Company Name: Raven International Media Empire
Contact Person: Raven Blair Glover
Email: support@raveninternationalmedia.com
Phone: 818-941-7617
Country: United States
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