Real Estate Expert Sara Jung Launches New Podcast ’50 Shades of Wealth — Confessions of a Real Estate Investor’

Published on October 6, 2020

Even in the midst of a COVID crisis, the Northern California-based multifamily and senior living investor is eager to help working professionals and would be investors understand the good, bad, and ugly of real estate investing to build a financial future.

Podcasts have taken the world’s ears by storm. With 68 million Americans listening to podcasts weekly, according Edison Research, if you see someone with headphones in while they walk down the street, chances are good that they’re listening to an expert entertain, educate, or inform them. Now, Sara Jung, CEO of the Northern California-based Legacy Bloom Investments and an active and passive investor in multifamily and senior living real estate syndications across the U.S., has brought her expertise in real estate investing to a smartphone near you with “50 Shades of Wealth — Confessions of a Real Estate Investor.”

Jung, who was named in the top 1% of mortgage originators in the country in 2018, wanted to bring her expertise in the field of passive real estate investment to an audience at all levels of the real estate investment process.

“The podcast is really focused on conversations with people who are either seasoned investors, newer investors, people who may want to invest, or people who are just curious about real estate in general,” Jung says. “Or they might be experienced investors and just want some inspiration, or they want to learn something new.”

While “50 Shades of Wealth” covers the nuts and bolts of real estate investing, what makes the podcast unique is the real-life stories of Jung’s guests, which include investors from all walks of life. In her conversations with them, she encourages them to be real about their successes and their struggles.

“We do educate people on the mechanics of buying and selling real estate, but the ‘Confessions’ part of the title is really about allowing people to talk about some of their vulnerabilities. That’s a lot more interesting than just talking about how to buy a property,” Jung says.

“I feel it’s important to share stories, both my own and the experiences of my guests. What they’ve been experiencing in their lives not only with real estate investing, but their life in general. These are just regular people, and their stories can inspire others, so they know they can do it, too.”

“Business” is one of the top five podcast genres; moreover, podcast subscribers are 45% more likely to have a college degree, 60% more likely to have a post-graduate degree, and 45% more likely to have a net household income of over $250,000, according to That makes “50 Shades of Wealth” a great fit for those looking to build their wealth with passive real estate investing, even if they have no experience.

“My hope is that some people who listen to the podcast have been thinking about real estate for a long time, and that they’ll be inspired to actually send an email, pick up the phone, do an internet search — do something where they’re actually going to take that first step to buying a property,” Jung says. “Maybe they contact me; maybe they contact a guest from the show just to say ‘Hey, I’m interested in doing this. How do I get started?’”

Jung is clear, though, that “50 Shades of Wealth” is not just about money.

“There are a lot of other aspects of investing that actually have nothing to do with the act of acquiring a property. Wealth isn’t just about financial wealth, she says. “It’s about mindset and your mental outlook; it’s about your spiritual health; and it’s about how much time you have in your life – for your family, for yourself, or to just do the things you want to do.”

Jung’s podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms.

About Legacy Bloom Investments: Legacy Bloom Investments is a privately held real estate investment company with a focus on investing in U.S. commercial real estate and multifamily communities through private placement. For more information, visit “50 Shades of Wealth — Confessions of a Real Estate Investor” is available on your favorite podcast platforms.

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