Rebecca Hanson Launches A Breakthrough in Maths Teaching for Primary Students

Published on May 16, 2016

Rebecca Hanson has opened her agency Authentic Maths to help Primary School Teachers in the UK offering solutions to the difficulties being experienced with the implementation of the Government’s changes to the primary mathematics curriculum.

Entrepreneur, Rebecca Hanson, a lifelong and well respected mathematician has developed a new system to cope with the demands of the UK Governments’ New Curriculum which is required teaching for children from 5 years of age upwards.

Hanson’s agency, Authentic Maths, will help teachers deliver the changes required of the new curriculum which many have been having difficulty with.    

The problem has been that no other “Math Excellent” nation implements this type of teaching at this young age.  Therefore, no research exists which in effect means teachers in the UK are starting with a blank piece of paper to establish best practice.

Hanson said “I saw the issues around the new curriculum coming simply because UK primary schools are being asked to teach maths to 5 year olds that are only normally taught to 7 year olds.   The big problem is that children aged 5 learn very differently from children who are seven and older”.

There has been significant opposition to the new curriculum in particular from notaries’ like Sir Peter Williams who commented witheringly that “It is clear from international comparisons that in this country we are prone to accelerate steps in our educational processes to ever earlier ages, contrary to practice elsewhere – notably in Finland and Japan”.  However, the curriculum has been implemented and testing has already taken place this year.

Hanson said “I have a special place in my heart for early years’ primary education and have been inundated with questions from teachers on how they are possibly going to be able to deliver the new demands despite the lack of guidelines or training”

Hanson went on to say “There is no research anywhere on how to deliver what the Government demands to all children, even from the top researchers or Universities, because no one teaches children of 5 years these aspects of mathematics.  So we had to develop a system from scratch. Which is now proven to be able to help educators achieve the outcomes demanded of them.”

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