Rehab Kings Co-owner Kevin Swart Features in Business Innovators Radio Show

Published on September 12, 2019

Incite Media’s popular webcast Business Innovators Radio Show recently featured Kevin Swart, a real estate investment expert and the co-owner of Rehab Kings. Kevin and his partner Nick Kraychuk are dedicated to making buying and selling of real estate as efficient as possible while delivering high-quality service to their investors and clients.

In a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio Show, experienced real estate investment expert Kevin Swart was interviewed by the show host Alicia Dibrell. This popular webcast from Incite Media regularly invites industry innovators from several fields to unveil the secrets of their success. In the latest episode of the show, Kevin Swart discussed how along with his partner Nick Kraychuk, he is engaged in exploring new ideas to generate lucrative returns for investors.

During the interview, Kevin mentioned that he is originally from South Africa, and moved to North America twelve years ago. Prior to his career in real estate, Kevin was handling customer service and operations in the US corporate sector. His partner Nick Kraychuk is from a construction background and hails from Manitoba in Canada. Over the last eighteen months, the duo has been successfully operating their business Rehab Kings.

Rehab Kings helps real estate investors with its truly turnkey approach that the company calls a white glove approach to passive income.  Taking care of everything from the purchase to the sale and everything in between, this approach has already delivered higher than normal returns for many of Rehab Kings clients.

“We take care of everything in the background from the paperwork, the contracts, the acquisition, the tenants, the maintenance, until the day you decide to sell your property or get out of the investment,” Kevin said, “All you’re gonna do is make a decision once or twice if there’s a maintenance issue on your property and we’ll take care of it for you. So, in a nutshell, our white glove approach looks to make the experience as seamless as possible for our investors.”

Rehab Kings’ mentorship program provides an excellent opportunity for the real estate investors to partner with the company, and use their entire team and other facilities to buy or hold a property, or invest. Rehab Kings offers a limited number of spots for this program and charges a small fee for this.

“Look for a company that has the experience in the market, look for a company that has a lot of in-house functions. I’ve seen it time and time again and I’ve been exposed to this myself,” Kevin says as a piece of advice for all aspiring passive investors. “This is why we started the property management company in-house.”

Kevin and his partner Nick can be contacted via the company’s website The company also has an active Facebook fan page. Kevin and nick are also available via email.

About Business Innovators Radio: Business Innovators Radio is a popular radio show featuring interviews with industry innovators and trendsetters sharing their proven strategies to help listeners build a better life. The show is hosted by Alicia Dibrell, a bestselling author.


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