Relationship Coach, Dr. Janice Moss Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Relationship Coach Dr. Janice Moss’ book In Love, In Pain: Stories of Love, Loss, Betrayal and What to Do Next! hits #1 on the’s Dating Books Best Sellers List shortly after the release of the revised edition.

Dr. Janice Moss, a relationship coach based in Houston, Texas, hit #1 on the Dating Books Best Sellers List on December 23, 2015 for the release of  In Love, In Pain: Stories of Love, Loss, Betrayal and What to Do Next! The book also ranked No. 3 in the Women’s Studies category.

Dr. Moss, a regular contributor on Huffington Post, frequently writes about relationships and healing after a breakup. Formally trained in Pastoral Care and Counseling, Moss uses writing to teach critical lessons about love and relationships as she believes that stories are the best way for the reader to grasp a concept and perhaps see themselves between the lines of the page.

In her book In Love, In Pain, Moss leads the reader on an adventure through the relationship stories of five women who must discover their own tolerance level for personal pain, rejection and denial. In the book there are many lessons for the readers as they observe how women respond to what they perceive as love and how much pain they are willing to endure in order to stay in relationships that may not be nourishing, supportive or fulfilling.  Unlike Moss’ more recent publication Break-up Breakthrough: A 37-Day Guide from Heartbreak to Healing, this book does not give advice, it merely points out the consequences of various decisions.

Dr. Moss states “I wrote these stories to provide a means of assistance for women to understand that they are not alone. By using fiction as a therapeutic tool, In Love, In Pain blends fact and fiction, self-help and romance.”

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