Renee Coakley has signed a book deal with Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing

Published on March 27, 2020

Renee Coakley has signed a book deal with Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing and will contribute to new book” Tech Magic” for female entrepreneurs.

Renee Coakley Co-founder of Coakley Financial has been chosen to contribute to a new book for female entrepreneurs, Tech Magic: How to Launch, Grow, and Scale Your Business Leveraging Technology.  The book is scheduled to be published during International Women’s month, March 2020.

In her chapter, Coakley will detail how she used an image creation platform to surge her business’s sales. 

Tech Magic is the CliffsNotes® to business growth for women. Inside its pages, you’ll learn the platforms and technology that other successful women CEOs and female business owners of color are using today to launch, grow, and scale their companies.

100% of the retail royalties will be donated to a non-profit organization. Copies of Tech Magic will be donated to a women-focused non-profit.

Coakley states, “I am honored and excited to be a part of this book project. I know that this book will help (women) you find you and create the tech magic that your business needs.”

Renee Coakley is co-owner of Coakley Financial Group (CFG), where she and her husband work side by side. Renee handles all of the marketing and recruiting for Coakley Financial Group – an award-winning insurance agency. Prior to officially joining CFG Renee worked as a licensed real estate agent for over 12 years, helping families buy homes.

Book Publisher Lisa C. Williams said, “Renee’s experience makes her the perfect fit to contribute to this book.”

The book is a short read intended for businesswomen who wear many hats and are looking for ways to run their business more efficiently and want to scale their income while keeping their sanity.

Tech Magic will be available on and other national book retailers in March 2020.

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About Smart Hustle Agency

The Smart Hustle Agency is a multi-faceted media, technology, and publishing company. It offers a suite of services which gives its’ clients the authority recognition they deserve while positioning their businesses as an in-demand brand.

To date, The Smart Hustle Agency has helped over 50 entrepreneurs and professionals become published and best-selling authors.  The company has also secured placements for its’ clients in major media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and more.

The agency’s proprietary “Smart Hustle System,” includes a dashboard platform that provides one-click content and video publishing to the hottest social media sites.

Currently, the agency is producing several collaborative books. Their new book series recently launched A Message In A Bottle, which is being called the new Chicken Soup For The Soul, but with a twist.

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 About Coakley Financial Group

Coakley Financial Group has a complete portfolio of life insurance products and services.  Our mission is to educate families on the importance of life insurance.  Our goal is to protect families and help them build a legacy.  There is not one size fits all with insurance, which is why we offer them the right products for their families.  Our agents have a heart for service, and that is why we are one of the fastest growing groups with the largest Final Expense Insurance Company.

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