Retired At 37: Real Estate Investor Reveals Why Money Mindset, Not Business Savvy, is the True Secret to Life, Business, and Financial Success

Published on March 27, 2019

According to serial entrepreneur Aly Michaels, the success or failure of a business has mostly to do with the mindset of the owner – especially when it comes to their beliefs and attitudes about money.

The statistics are so well-known that they are taken for granted: Over 50% of small businesses fail within the first year, and 95% of small businesses fail within the first five years.

While opinions differ on why the success rate for small business is so abysmal, once expert believes she knows the reason why.

“In anything you wish to accomplish – whether it is lose weight, quit smoking, start a new business or make more money – you first need to understand and take control of your mindset in order to be successful,” says Aly Michaels, author of the best-selling book, MONEY: Make It, Manage It, Master It. “Wealth is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.”

 And she should know. Michaels started her real estate business at the tender age of 14 because, “I loved the idea of having other people pay my mortgage!” After achieving her dream of financial independence, she was able to retire from real estate and finance her dream life.

Today, as president of Global Results Coaching, Michaels is on a mission to help, educate, and inspire entrepreneurs to take action, change their limiting beliefs about money, and live life on their terms.

According to Michaels, one of the most amazing facts about money is that financial success for entrepreneurs is not determined by their business skills, but by their attitudes and beliefs about money. “Where you are today is a direct reflection of your thoughts and the actions you took – or in most cases the actions you may not have taken – that has got you to where you are today,” Michaels says. “The good news is that we can literally change our mindset and our life in a heartbeat.”

In her best-selling book MONEY, Michaels shares several formulas and blueprints for mastering the money mindset, including three simple principles of life and business success that anyone can model.

1. Be crystal clear. “Always have a goal that is clear and precise,” Michaels says. “Start with the end in mind and know where and why you wish to end up. Once you know this, the ‘how’ will just come to you.”

2. Have a plan and follow it with consistent action. Michaels recommends having a plan, sticking to it, and tweaking it along the way. “Look for progress, not perfection, and celebrate every small win.

3. Never give up. Michaels believes that, “We are all born winners, but to win, you must prepare to win, plan to win, and never give up until you win.”

Michaels is the creator of “The 21 Day Money Mindset Challenge,” a high-performance program and online community designed to help her clients overcome mental roadblocks and move toward their money goals.

“I had always wanted to work for myself but was petrified to leave my corporate job and the security it gave me,” says client Georgia Chadwick. “Aly showed me how to replace my income within 90 days, leave my corporate job and finally do what I love. I feel so liberated and so happy!”

“There is no get rich quick scheme or overnight success, just the potential and the opportunity you must seize to get you there,” Michaels says. “It does take time, but the road can be effortless if you follow certain rules.”

Aly Michaels is a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor and in-demand public speaker who travels and works extensively throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Jordan, Span, and Italy.

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