Revamp Media Agency Launches Search For Knowledgeable Sacramento Real Estate Professionals To Be Featured In New Book Project

Published on August 29, 2016

Revamp Media Agency starts the search for Top Real-Estate Professionals who know all of the ins-and-outs of the world of home buying in Sacramento, California to be included in their upcoming book project.

Revamp Media Agency begins the search for knowledgeable Real-Estate Professionals who are extremely well versed in the world of home buying to be included in their upcoming book project that will help everyday people by providing easy to digest explanations of what it takes to buy a home in the Sacramento Area.

Hugo Garcia, Founder of Revamp Media Agency confirmed they have officially launched a Citywide search for real estate professionals who have a complete and thorough expertise of the Sacramento home buying scene, to be featured in the upcoming book, “The Home Buyers Guide: Behind the Scenes Look at Purchasing a House From the Top Real Estate Professionals; Sacramento, California Edition.

Explaining the search process, Garcia said, “This is an important book for us, so we’ll be reaching out to a select group of real-estate professionals who we feel are true, all-around experts of the home buying and selling trends in the Sacramento Area, while at the same time who are willing to share what happens behind the scenes when purchasing a home in Sacramento.”

Scheduled for an early winter release, “The Home Buyers Guide” will spotlight each of the real-estate professionals selected from this search, sharing their topnotch insights and real-world experience on buying a home, as well explaining everything from the basics to the most complicated concepts that pertain to home buying.

Garcia said, “This book isn’t just about how to buy a home. The professionals we select are passionate about real-estate and explain the all the ins-and-outs, of what it takes to buy a home. They will answer the most common questions and bust the myths and misconceptions so many people have about buying a home in Sacramento. “The Home Buyers Guide” will cover a lot information that is rarely talked about. Sacramento is vast and diverse community, with many different areas and neighborhoods, so there is an extensive amount of information that will be covered by “The Home Buyers Guide.”

Garcia went on to describe the book as, “… a powerful resource for home buyers seeking an understanding of the home buying process, how to prepare for it, what to qualities to look for in a house, and who to seek out to aid them in the process. This is an neighborhood specific resource so that home buyers wishing to acquire a home in Sacramento can gain targeted information that is up to date.”

With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, Revamp Media Agency is expected to make an announcement revealing the final selections.

However, Garcia said, “One of the reasons we launched this search is because we didn’t want to take the path of filling this book with the conventional ‘Experts.’ This search would not be necessary if that was the case.

We anticipate a lot of exposure around this project, for both home buying in the Sacramento area and the people we select to feature in the book, so we really want to showcase those real-estate professionals who actually have their ‘elbows in grease’, working hard every day and willing to share that experience to benefit a whole. Not only will the future home buyers of Sacramento benefit, but so will the selected real-estate professionals because they get the unique opportunity to share their golden insight with their community. That’s what will make this a complete win, win project.”

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