Ricky Sluder, Ex-Dallas County Criminal Investigator Encourages Public Attendance At Blue Dragon Conference August 30-31 In Fort Worth Texas On This Episode Of Rise Up Radio And OBBM Radio

Published on August 22, 2018

Sluder talks from behind the badge straight from the heart, urging community involvement, shares his story from ‘behind the badge’ experiences to highlight the need for closer community relationships between the front lines and the public they serve.

Ricky Sluder was recently interviewed on Rise Up Radio by Tom Chesser and OffBeat Business Media CEO Susan Hamilton about his story as a Dallas County Criminal Investigator during his 20-year history working investigations.

Sluder, Vice President in the Healthcare Program Integrity Practice at EXL, a worldwide leader in advanced analytics and consulting, has over 20 years of combined experience as a criminal investigator in Dallas County, CMS Program Integrity Manager, and Fraud Detection Expert and Consultant. He’s investigated thousands of criminal cases in his career. He’s worked with the front lines, and within the legal system – and can tell you first hand, the Blue Dragon International Consultants national kick-off in Fort Worth is one of the most critical events to heal our communities.

Sluder knows how vital first responder training is, not only for officers and firefighters but their spouses and the general public as well.

Sluder says, “This is the most important factor, that we understand with our hearts and minds, the stresses these men and women experience every day to provide protection when they often feel unprotected by the policies in place or the communities they serve. A certain amount of bravado is necessary to deal with the routine depravity and senseless violence they must process internally every day, and don’t feel able to share those things with their closest circles – wives, children, family members, friends from church or the community. Most people cannot survive that type of pressure without a vent, and officers are people.”

‘Developing a Bulletproof Mind and a Bulletproof Heart’ is a two-day event held at Birchman Baptist Church, 9100 N. Normandale St. in Fort Worth, Texas, on August 30-31 2018, beginning at 8 AM with opening words from Tarrant County Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn.

Conference is held explicitly during school hours to encourage the spouses of first responders and the general public to sit side-by-side with officers, SWAT, firefighters, security, and others who protect them, to discover how to work together during crisis events that have been happening across the world specifically aimed at youth, churches, and public venues.

Find out on August 30-31 ‘Developing a Bulletproof Mind and a Bulletproof Heart’ the Thursday and Friday before Labor Day weekend. Discover how the community can be a safer environment for everyone when we understand the day-to-day activities of our protective forces, and learn how to respond faster to active killers before they become mass casualty events.

Local businesses can support their community by sponsoring officers, firefighters, and veterans with purchased tickets for this two-day event Thursday and Friday before Labor Day Weekend. A limited number of vendor opportunities exist for businesses that offer products and services supporting first responders, and should contact OffBeat Business Media at 214-714-0495 for vendor space information and pricing.

Blue Dragon International Consultants, LLC exists to offer high-level training and recovery resources to local police and fire departments, security details, and Independent School Districts throughout America, in addition to services provided at a federal and international level.

Go to https://bdic.net/fort-worth/ to register. All vendor inquiries should be directed to OffBeat Business Media at Susan@OffBeatBusiness.com for details.

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