Sales Psychology Expert, Gilson Oliveira, celebrates the launch of his new website

Published on June 4, 2015

Gilson Oliveira, creator of, launches his new website to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs on the importance of Psychology and Conversion Optimization to grow their business.

According to a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa on the average conversion rates for different industries, website conversions range somewhere 2% for non-profit enterprises to a maximum of 10% for professional or financial services firms. This data clearly shows that more than 90% of the website visitors leaves without ever becoming prospects or customers.

“When you look at the available data, it’s very easy to understand that there is still a huge gap between what sciences know and what businesses do in terms of psychology and consumer behavior. The goal of my website is to educate, especially, small business owners, on the importance of these disciplines to their success and hopefully, contribute to closing this gap,” said Gilson.

The use of Psychology in Marketing is not new, it can be traced all the way back to 1895, when Harlow Gale, became the first psychologist to work in advertising. Gale was interested in learning how people processed ads “from the time they see the advertisement until they have purchased the article advertised.”

Today, business owners face greater challenges to grow their businesses due to a very competitive environment and a human attention span getting shorter rapidlly. While the large majority of business owners focus on increasing traffic to their websites with SEO and paid advertisement, some sales experts, like Oliveira, disagree with such approach.

“One of the biggest online misconceptions is that all your website needs is more traffic, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Increasing traffic to a website – or any landing page for that matter- when the layout of the page was not created first with a single objective in mind and without taking into consideration how your visitors’ brains would interpret and respond to that information is pure waste of your money. Because If you’re already losing money on your existing traffic, doubling it will only help you lose money twice as fast.” he concluded.

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