Salt Lake Realtors Take Their Safety Seriously

Published on June 1, 2016

On May 19th, The Salt Lake Board of Realtors, in conjunction with Guaranteed Rate Mortgage, brought in a safety expert to teach a personal safety class for realtors.

Realtors are consistently faced with scary and potentially dangerous situations when showing properties to clients. Having a fundamental understanding of personal and on-site security are key components of keeping realtors safe while on the job. According to, a website that provides information on realtor safety and other information, an average of 17 realtor deaths occur per year due to homicide. Jodie Osofsky of Select Group Realty in Salt Lake City was quoted as saying, “I think safety is a greatly overlooked issue for realtors. I believe we should all take a more active role in protecting not only ourselves but also our clients.”

The course material covered such things as understanding the mindset of a potential assailant, deterring an attack before it begins, defending yourself in close quarters and the reality of carrying personal firearms, mace, or other weapons. “I would like to see everybody involved in the real estate profession be safer and feel more comfortable in their work environment. I was honored to sponsor the event and I look forward to seeing how this current safety movement progresses in the future,” said Dave Osofsky of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage in Midvale.

The 90-minute course gave realtors useful safety tips, hands-on practice and a comprehensive question and answer period where participants were able to share their concerns and have their most pressing questions answered. The course instructor Brett Lechtenberg stated, “I was honored to be asked to teach this class and I am glad to see that realtors are taking their personal safety seriously. Due to a lack of knowledge of many of their clients and other factors, realtors definitely need more training. I was really proud of this group.”

For information about similar safety courses in your area, contact your local Board of Realtors.

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