San Diego Best Selling Author, Nadirah R. Bray Signs New Publishing Contract with The Professional Journal Inc. for New Book, “Journey Through Entrepreneurship”

Published on November 3, 2020

Nadirah R. Bray, is the Best Selling Author of “Goddess In Motion”. Her new book, “Journey Through Entrepreneurship'' is a guidebook on taking the attributes of womankind and applying them to the adventure of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Nadirah R. Bray, one of San Diego’s best-known, multitalented entrepreneurs, told us, “Being an entrepreneur is hard work. But just as important as hard work, it requires the mindset of an entrepreneur that will make the difference between success and failure.”

With her best-selling book .“Goddess in Motion: An Inspirational Activity Book to Step into Your Healing Power,” she brought the simple, meditative act of coloring to women both young and old. In her new book, she continues her quest, “Journey Through Entrepreneurship” to be published by The Professional Journal.

Since 2018, Nadirah has been a contributing writer for “Life by Design” Entrepreneurial Magazine. Over the years, she has written about the personal journey she traveled to get to the successful entrepreneur she is today. In her book, “Journey Through Entrepreneurship” she has compiled the steps of her journey and presented them as a map to follow.

When asked how she would describe her new book, she replied, “Journey Through Entrepreneurship” shows how the mind plays a part in every success and failure. Dealing with pain, loneliness, sickness, or just the world is enough for anyone.” She continued, “As a wife and a mom of three boys, I understand what it is to juggle between family wants and career demands.”

Nadirah has survived cancer, bounced back, and found a faith that brought her back to the positive. Ultimately, she has found her own goddess from which she can draw strength, even in these trying times.

Nadirah is the founder of The Goddess in Motion Institute. She created The Goddess in Motion Method and The Goddess in Motion Facilitator Certification to help women find strength in their own inner goddess. As an international award-winning dancer and instructor, she has found the beauty of being a strong woman through the rhythm and beauty of belly dance.

Nadirah added, “Journey Through Entrepreneurship” shows that it takes the right mindset and inner strength to be successful in life as well as in business.”

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