Sean Cooper Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists With New Book On Investing

Published on July 13, 2016

Sean Cooper tops best-seller lists in the United States and with his new book, The Truth About Investing: Back to Basics.

The new book, which is targeted at beginning investors, is written as an educational and step-by-step guide for someone new to investing.

Cooper, who is the president of Fit Financial Consulting, has been working with clients for years to achieve “financial fitness.”  

“I believe that bringing money and finance to the forefront of people’s minds, and discussing it openly, can lead to a happier, healthier life, much the same way staying physically fit can.” says Cooper.

There are many books for investors on the market, but Cooper chooses to bring a more basic approach.  This can be in contrast with books that are written by “big-name celebrities” but aren’t understandable for the new investor.

After graduating a year and a half early from the University of Denver with his undergraduate degree, Cooper went to work in the finance field at the age of 20.  Shortly thereafter he decided one of his goals was to have the ability to retire at the age of 45.  Once he set to work on his budget and savings plan, he also decided to build-in house and car purchases, expenses for a graduate degree, and several small and one large vacation per year.  By age 27, he had not only met all of his present goals, taking multiple vacations, purchasing his first house, and car, he was also ahead of schedule for his desired retirement at age 45.

Released on May 28, 2016, The Truth About Investing: Back to Basics quickly rose to the top of the charts, hitting #1 iii the Stock Market Investing Category.  It also held  Top-10 and Top-20 rankings in other categories, alongside books written by authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Thomas Stanley, James Altucher, and Dave Ramsey.

In addition, Cooper donated 100% of the royalties of the sales of his book in early July to charity.

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