Self-help author Patrick Dahdal’s new channel Transformation TV is now live

A new online platform dedicated to self-improvement, Transformation TV, has recently launched on the 29th of April 2017. Transformation TV will be revolutionary in its niche, a kind of Netflix of self-improvement.

Life coach and bestselling author Patrick Dahdal has recently launched Transformation TV, a new channel devoted exclusively to self-help content. Transformation TV, launched on the 29th of April 2017, aims to become a thriving self-help community with a global outreach.

The new online platform dedicated to self-improvement, Transformation TV, is revolutionary in its niche. No other existing TV channel is completely dedicated to self-improvement material. As such, Transformation TV aims to be a kind of Netflix of self-improvement, providing users with a wide variety of relevant content. In addition to 24/7 self-help programming, the platform will provide its users with an online community, with the intention of connecting like-minded people worldwide.

Transformation TV is founded by bestselling author and social entrepreneur Patrick Dahdal and his wife Marie Dahdal. Patrick Dahdal has previously written two bestselling books on the subject of self-improvement, ‘Q The Science of You The Science of Life’ and ‘Limitless’. He has over 25 years of experience in the self-help industry, where he is known as the “coaches’ coach”. Dahdal has also organised The Transformation Summit, a conference bringing self-improvement teachers and students together. Transformation TV aims to be the realisation of Dahdal’s life goal of helping people transcend the problems they face in life and transform themselves for the better.

In addition to providing continuous self-help programming and featuring experts and teachers from around the world, another core purpose of the platform is providing viewers with an active online community. This format has been inspired by Dahdal’s realisation that many people today are lacking a feeling of purpose and community. It is designed to become a virtual ‘home’ where people can connect with others and discuss life questions they are struggling with.

There are three things which will separate Transformation TV from any currently existing media platforms. First, its content will be 100% focused on self-improvement. Second, it will feature a 24/7 live-stream, providing users with real time content no matter where they are, facilitating the channel’s target of achieving a global outreach. Third, the centerpiece of its programming will be Super Saturdays, a format which has never been done before. Super Saturdays will be long broadcasts featuring guest teachers from across the world via live-stream, and audience members will also be able to call in to ask questions in real time. Super Saturdays is aiming to provide viewers with a revolutionary combination of entertainment and education.

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