Self-Improvement Author Sherri Sue Fisher Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with New Edition of Diet Book

Sherri Sue Fisher, self-improvement expert, recently hit three Amazon best-seller lists with the new edition of her book, “Timer Diet.”

Best-selling author Sherri Sue Fisher recently published a new, expanded edition of her book Timer Diet that includes additional chapters on dietary restrictions and how to use the Timer Diet journals.

Shortly after its release, the second edition of Timer Diet reached best-seller status in three categories – reaching #7 in the “Women’s Health” category, #12 in the “Weight Maintenance” category, and #12 in the “Weight Loss” category.

Fisher, who also penned the best-selling book Timer Organizer, aims to help improve the lives of her readers in multiple areas.  She says Timer Diet is for those who have “tried to lose weight and had problems either losing the weight or keeping the weight off.” 

In the updated edition of Timer Diet readers can expect to learn:

– How to listen to their body and how to put food together to create well-balance meals.

– How to create personalized menus based on which foods they enjoy and how much time can be devoted to cooking.

– What works, and what does not work, and how to know what is best for you.

– How to incorporate a daily workout routine that can be done anywhere and anytime.

– How to use the Timer Diet

– How to plan for any dietary restrictions.

Fisher’s motivation for writing the book stems from her own challenges while trying to lose weight.  She explains, “Realizing, when I needed to lose weight, that so many things I was told would help me lose weight were not true.  In fact, they kept me from losing weight and put me in a yo-yo state of dieting.  Once I realized the secret to losing weight and keeping it off, I had to share it so everyone would know.”

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