Setema Gali Brings Message of Living Powerfully To Millionaire Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and Celebrities

Published on May 29, 2019

Setema Gali Jr, a coach, and motivational speaker presented his inspiring story of loving life and being a powerful change maker in the world to a capacity crowd of business leaders, athletes, and celebrities.

Setema Gali, known as The “Revered of the Revolution”, spoke at Ryan Stewman’s  “Million Dollar Mastermind” held on April 24th-25th at The Westin Galleria in Dallas, Texas.

The event was attended by over 800 people and brought together the biggest experts in the business and sales.

Ryan Stewman, the event organizer said, “We get the best out of this event. Not only have these entrepreneurs created businesses that generate millions in revenue but they teach what is working right now because we’re a very tight-knit group of closers and everyone has each other’s back.”

Gali spoke to the capacity crowd about how to overcome devastating failures and win at the game of life.  

“If you are in a spot right now that is challenging you because you feel unworthy or not good enough or that you don’t belong…welcome to the game. Whether you’re just starting in your profession, or you’re a brand new mother or father, or you’re transitioning in a later stage of life to a different career, welcome to the game,” said Gali.

Gali worked his way through five shoulder surgeries, multiple concussions and became defensive captain and one of the top collegiate football players in the country.

His perseverance paid off after graduating from Brigham Young as he landed his professional career with the New England Patriots.

After winning the Super Bowl XXXVI and being forced to retire with a serious back injury, Gali found himself living in his mom’s basement with a college degree, a Super Bowl ring and zero dollars in his bank account.

Setema quickly built up a mortgage-real estate empire that brought in a healthy multiple six-figure monthly income. However in 2008, the mortgage industry collapsed. And with it went 4 years of hard work. Setema lost everything. 10 homes foreclosed 4 cars repossessed. He was back to zero – again.

“Today was not just another stage to speak on, it is an opportunity to touch a heart and affect entire families, communities, even generations to come,” said Gali.

He now applies this powerful knowledge and understanding to coaching highly committed and highly successful business owners, dentists, doctors, entrepreneurs and others.

Gali works daily with clients from all walks of life (including professional athletes, high-powered professionals, doctors, and an inspiring combination of mid-six figure to 7 figure entrepreneurs) on creating a life they love full of growth, success, prosperity, and fulfillment.

Often referred to as the “Reverend of the Revolution” for his ability to preach a message of waking men up from slavery, bondage, mediocrity and settling, Setema’s fusion of real-life stories and his ability to be in the moment in any situation connects with his audiences at an intimate, intense and individual level.

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