Seth Godin Wisdom Leads Experts to Profits – From Stand Out Authority

Seth Godin Wisdom Leads Experts to Profits – From Stand Out Authority

Seth Godin often talks of ‘stepping out of obscurity’ and ‘being remarkable’. Improving a business requires industry recognition.

Austin, TX – Stand Out Authority offers experts and companies a specific authority strategy. This allows the expert to come out of obscurity and be recognized as an authority or to further grow their already established authority. Seth Godin often mentions obscurity and how difficult it is to make money when people don’t know how remarkable the person or business is.

In today’s world, information travels at lightning speed. This means it takes less time than ever to be a recognized authority in an industry. People come out of nowhere all the time and claim a spot in the upper echelon as a celebrity in a certain industry.

This doesn’t happen instantly despite what some trusted sources and outlets would have people believe. To happen, there must be a proven strategy implemented over time. Then the strategy must be executed in the proper order and with the proper process to be effective.

With the current Internet and social sharing, an expert can go from being unrecognized to being at the top tier of their industry in 18 months or less. Sometimes it can happen in only six months with an orchestrated effort.

There are many factors determining how long it will take:

–       If any perceived authority or recognition already exists

–       If there is any coverage already on niche media websites

–       If there are any mentions on major big brand media websites

–       If the company or expert has published any authoritative material (via text articles, guest articles, info graphics, video, or audio)

A marathon is a good illustration of this.

A person can just start running and hope to complete 26.2 miles. Or the more savvy person can train before running the marathon. Finally, the savviest person hires coaches and help in order to have the highest probability to complete the marathon with minimum effort. They follow the advice of those coaches. They allow people to help them along the way.

The “authority marathon” can be completed much faster today than 20 or even 10 years ago. Back then, with the available media and channels to get in that media so guarded, it was a 3 to 5 year process or longer. And even then there were no guarantees.

But it’s been said that with the Internet and social channels today, true talent and experts will be uncovered.

Somebody who really knows their stuff and desires to be recognized for it, won’t toil in obscurity forever. Recognized authority happens when the person executes a proven strategy. The more likely case is they hire a company that knows and will execute the strategy on their behalf.

To paraphrase Seth Godin, “It’s hard to be mediocre and get ahead in the modern world.” Being an authority or recognized expert in an industry is one of the last remaining sure paths to an above average income and life.

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