Silver Linings Storybook Shares Fortress Business Magazine’s Summer Reading List With The Alchemist, How to Get Unstuck, and Profit First

Published on August 24, 2016

Internationally-authored, bestselling book The Silver Linings Storybook, created and published by Toronto local Debbie Horovitch is celebrating the announcement of her book on Fortress Business magazine’s recommended reading list.

Fortress Business magazine’s founder, Gale Peart, received and read a complimentary copy of SLS. The stories resonated deeply and immediately shared it with her team. There was a unanimous decision to include SLS as suggested reading this summer and here is why:
Entrepreneurs, particularly those based in the Caribbean, often have stormy days with little or no outlet or support system. Business challenges are typically seen as a failure and swept under the rug versus sharing them with the wider entrepreneurial community to pass on key lessons and not have others repeat or make similar mistakes. SLS presents a unique way for Fortress readers to have hope and to learn, grow and be empowered from others’ stories and to see silver linings in their own business life.”

An Amazon bestseller in the month it launched, The Silver Linings Storybook: 18 Successful Business Leaders Share Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Stormy Days in Personal And Professional Life (V1) is available online in ebook format and print book format. Discounts on print books can usually be negotiated when purchasing your copy directly from any of our 18 coauthors

Cindy Suárez, from Puerto Rico, coauthored the featured first story in The Silver Linings Storybook; she went deaf at age three, and while growing up found refuge from the silent but obvious taunts of her peers in an unlikely arena: playing piano. This unusual talent helped Suárez develop other skills to compensate for her hearing loss, allowing her to navigate a career in public service and develop her own entrepreneurial skills as a healing listener. Now a bestselling book author, Suárez is a health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a concert pianist anywhere she finds a piano, and she specializes in working with women who are struggling to live their best lives with balanced hormones and embracing their bodies entirely.

Other books on the list include 30 Day Guide to Living Happy by Nerissa Golden, How to Get Unstuck by Barry J. Moltz, The Confidence Factor for Women in Business: Strategies for Limitless Success by Carol Sankar, ISLAND RELIQUARIES- Voices from a Jamaican Past by Margaret Beckford Bernal, PROFIT FIRST: a Simple System to Transform Any Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz

Horovitch says “It’s thrilling to see our book being embraced and understood for the value it can bring to the people who are developing themselves both personally & professionally. Recognizing that we all have struggles, and sharing both the struggle and the triumph – which inevitably happens as you pull through – is a beneficial experience for our readers, for the coauthors, and for myself as the publisher. To be in a position where I can shine the spotlight on a business owner’s hidden talents, is so special to me. I’m grateful for each person who shares their personal intimate, and often both embarrassing & pride-inducing stories. This work has put me in a position to be chosen for this honour and I’m looking forward to contributing to Fortress magazine’s upcoming event entitled “Managing your Professional Image and Building an Iconic Brand” in Kingston, Jamaica.“

Volume 2 is in the works and accepting coauthor submissions until the final deadline of September 15, 2016 for publishing in October.

★★★★★ “we take many things for granted not realizing just how fortunate and blessed we truly are”
By Brenda T. Bradley on June 23, 2016
While traveling back to the U.S. from Antigua, I decided to pull out my autographed copy of The Silver Linings Storybook, to read “Piano and Me” written by Cindy Suarez. Cindy’s story touched my heart and caused me to reflect on my own life and my personal journey. So often, we take many things for granted not realizing just how fortunate and blessed we truly are. Cindy’s story is motivational, inspiring, and uplifting. Cindy is proof that life is not perfect. We will always be juggling and adjusting some area of our lives. However, when we choose to live our dream by taking the first step, life becomes better. Many blessings to you Cindy!

★★★★★ “A Blessing
By Peter Jackson on June 6, 2016
I was given this book by a friend and after reading felt uplifted, Tracy’s story hit the nail on the head! Thanks for read.

★★★★★ “Life is full of ups and downs for all of us and it is touching to hear what other people have gone through on their healing jour
By Kim Bux on May 25, 2016
These stories are both heartwarming and inspiring. Each story is truly authentic and they are full of a roller coaster of emotions which connects the writer and the reader by seeing oneself in many of these stories. Life is full of ups and downs for all of us and it is touching to hear what other people have gone through on their healing journey both good and bad experiences. I particularly enjoy reading books with short stories in so this was a perfect read for me.

Copies of The Silver Linings Storybook can be purchased on Amazon in both print and ebook formats at

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