Singer, Songwriter Karyn Lynn Grant Comforts the Brokenhearted with Her New App Now Available On iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

Published on November 7, 2019

Karyn Lynn Grant’s newly released “Cherishing Heart Music & Meditation App,” comforts the brokenhearted. It is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

In the world today, for those who are suffering from the effects of grief caused by a variety of reasons, there is a profound need for compassionate nurturing. Singles, the elderly, children, teenagers and the married all deal with stressful situations. Grant’s original music brings a spirit of love, joy and peace to sorrowful situations through empathy, love and kindness. Through every kind of life change: such as death, divorce, and other kinds of heartache, the pain can be eased with the healing arts of song and scent, as it has been done for centuries in cultures all over the world.

“The Cherishing Heart Songs & Musical Meditations Series” comprises Grant’s non-denominational faith based original work of over 1000 songs and meditations. The songs were written from Grant’s heart as she experienced heartache through divorce and other life lessons. They comfort those who are facing life changes, challenges and who are struggling with various forms of grief. Grant found her refuge and solace in writing songs to uplift, inspire and bring a sense of courage to carry on.

Grant’s music has been used for : mending broken hearts with healing arts, assisting those struggling with divorce, separation and heartbreak; comforting the chronically ill, solacing those suffering the loss of a loved one, uplifting and encouraging the elderly, providing emotional support for single parents, offering “Night-Time Nurturing for Children,” inspired marriage enrichment and beyond.

A series of 64 CDs have been created by Grant: “The Song and Scent Method,” based on what has been scientifically proven that using all five senses, plus the sense of movement, can assist in the process of “gracefully transitioning grief into love, joy and peace.”

The pure intention of these Musical Meditations is to give the heart, mind, body and spirit rest and relaxation time. It is important to reboot the energy centers of the whole being by accessing them through the physical senses: sound, scent, touch, visualization, taste, movement, temperature and more.

Grant believes that “awakening the human spirit with compassionate therapeutic touch, song and scent is a beautiful remedy for the stresses that surmount in all of our lives. It’s all about cherishing the brokenhearted and wounded in spirit. It is my hope that by sharing this gift it can bring at least “one” hurting soul…a sense of peace and divine assurance that Your needs are known. You are loved,” shared Grant.

When asked what was her inspiration, Grant stated: “Each time I received a song, usually in the middle of the night, it came with a gust of peace, like a soft breeze caressing my soul and assuring my heart that God hears the prayers of everyone who diligently seek Him.

I never had to try to rhyme a single word. These songs were written effortlessly. Many of the lyrics were never edited. They simply flowed as distinctly as one person speaks to another. I wrote every word that was dictated and then prayed for the gift a melody for each song. The melodies always came second and wrapped themselves around the imagery inducing lyrics.”

“The Cherishing Heart” App is a beautiful and effective extension and means of reaching not only the one, but the many, all the while keeping the one-on-one effect at its peak.

The one minute segments on Grant’s “The Cherishing Heart” App, are truly comforting and definitely leave the listener with the desire to hear and experience more. Success seems eminent with Grant’s unique writing, music and gift.

For more information on “The Cherishing Heart” App, Karyn Lynn Grant or her company, Joy Coaching America, that’s “Raising the World’s Vibration to Joy”:

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