Smaller Businesses Improve Profits with Influencer Marketing Benefits

Published on February 9, 2016

Dave Birchall a Local UK Entrepreneur expects that the biggest increase in any form of marketing in 2016 will be that of Influencer Marketing. With consumers having lost a lot of their trust in Big Brands benefits SMB’s considerably.

Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing that has emerged from a number of recent research, practices and market studies. The users focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. Usually these individuals are Experts or Celebrities who then use their status to promote a product or service, but instead of looking at a Brand it’s a person giving the information. People like dealing with people, thus the process shifts focus away from the Brand and towards people solving problems or bringing pleasure using a brand product or service. Influencer marketing tactics and techniques are gaining mainstream appeal, and business leaders are talking about it for example;

Sabrina Lynch Vice President of Zeno Group said in PR Week, “2016 should see bespoke projects being developed that will position influencers as pioneers in their field to create stand-out for the brand and the individual.”

Birchall said, “Note how Lynch points out it’s to make the brand and the individual ’Stand Out’.”

Daniel Newman, a contributor for Forbes Magazine wrote in an article recently saying that, “Influencers may be marketing’s next ‘golden goose’, as people no longer trust ads, but they do trust people. More accurately, they trust a voice of authority.”

Alyssa Vingan Klein, a contributor to Fashionista wrote recently, “It’s no secret that the term ‘influencer’ is tossed around by both brands and consumers ad nauseam these days, and while hearing someone described as such might make your skin crawl, it’s impossible to deny the selling power that many of these social media stars possess. In fact, their position as credible content creators is so valuable that brands are allotting more money and manpower than ever in an attempt to get in on the action.”

Birchall said that a few simple processes can establish individuals within a business as Local Experts and enhance their business standing. It really is time for small and medium businesses to wake up and smell the coffee. Adopting this kind of marketing can have significant benefits with increases in customer acquisition and profits. Consumers are more likely to put their trust in Local Experts than they are in similar distant and often Large suppliers. Those companies that have started using Authority and Influencing techniques are seeing increases in ROI.  

Claiming their Authority and using Influencing Techniques helps them compete with large brands and means their businesses are less likely to be one of those “I’m here too” listings on search engines.  The result – They stand out from the crowd, win more customers and Drive Up Profits.

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