South Bend-based Real Estate Investor, Matt Vukovich, Is Inspiring Others By Helping Homeowners In Financial Trouble

Published on January 11, 2023

Matt Buys Indiana Houses, a South Bend-based real estate investment firm, is giving people that need to sell their homes fast a new way to get the most money possible. Founder, Matt Vukovich brings a unique servant-heart to the industry and is someone locals are flocking to work with.

Matt Vukovich, founder of Matt Buys Indiana Houses, a real estate investment firm in South Bend, Indiana, had noticed people in his community struggle to get a fair price when they had to sell their home quickly. After realizing that there was a lack of options for them, this passionate member of the South Bend community decided to open a firm to buy and renovate these local homes and serve the local area.

 “I started this company because I wanted to provide an alternative solution for homeowners who needed to sell their properties. There was a need for a local home buyer who would spend time with someone to fully understand their situation and provide a fast simple fair solution. This allows a homeowner to receive a fair price for their property regardless of the condition, location, or situation they are going through. I enjoy meeting with homeowners, getting to know them, and offering unique solutions. My goal is to build relationships with everyone I meet and there are many homeowners that I am still in touch with today.” explained Vukovich.

People want to own their own homes, but sometimes those properties become a burden. If you find yourself behind on your monthly mortgage payments, owe liens, or find yourself facing some other difficult situation Vukovich wants to help. These is exactly the problem that Matt Buys Indiana Houses has set out to correct.

“Sometimes families need to move and don’t have the time to repair their properties and put them on the market; sometimes houses become “underwater”; sometimes families inherit a house from a loved one that they just can’t afford to maintain; sometimes families face challenges like divorce and they need to quickly sell the house to wrap up the situation… those and many more situations put families in turmoil,” claims Vukovich.

No matter what issues are present with a property (repairs, title issues, back taxes, liens, etc), Matt Buys Indiana Houses strives to find a way to purchase the house at a price that is fair to the owner.

They also help with other related issues the seller may face, like moving and finding a new place to live.

For more details about the process of getting quick cash for a home, visit or call (574) 601-3340 to speak with Matt Vukovich or a member of his team.

Location Info:
Matt Buys Indiana Houses LLC
512 W Edison Rd #103, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Company Name: Bateman Collective
Contact Person: Shaun Young
Phone: 385-955-3939
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