Sports Academy Forge Game-Changing Alliance to Amplify Amateur Baseball Talent Nationwide

Published on October 20, 2023

The New Balance Future Stars Series (FSS) and Sports Academy have announced they are teaming up in a strategic collaboration to create an unprecedented platform for advancing amateur baseball players across the country. This alliance leverages the strengths of both organizations to fast-track player development and provide a direct path to college baseball and MLB club exposure.

Central to this collaboration is SA Baseball, Sports Academy’s club baseball program, known for its focused approach towards melding elite sports performance with fundamental baseball skills training. SA Baseball stands as more than just a club baseball program; it’s a platform where aspiring baseball athletes can work rigorously to turn their raw talent into refined skill and prepare for success on the bigger stages with the exposure Future Stars Series provides access to.

The collaboration extends to Sports Academy’s travel teams across the country, which will now become affiliates of the Future Stars Series. These affiliated teams and players will receive evaluation and hands-on player development from FSS scouts and staff several times a year. The arrangement also includes participation in Future Stars Series events and access to FSS tech partners like Stack Sports, Pelotero, and Athletes Go Live for a well-rounded development experience.

Chad Faulkner, Sports Academy CEO, said, “We are proud to unveil a pivotal partnership with Sports Academy Baseball (SA Baseball) and Future Stars Series. Sports Academy stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in human performance and athlete development, operating in full-circle athletic ecosystems that unlock boundless opportunities for all athletes throughout their journey. Our partnership with Future Stars Series, experts in youth baseball development and talent identification, melds our holistic approach to athlete development with their specialized expertise and platform, crafting a pathway where athletic talent is not only recognized but meticulously honed and elevated to meet pinnacles of success. Together, we will forge futures in baseball, ensuring every young athlete can realize their fullest potential on their athletic journey.”

In recent weeks and months, the Future Stars Series and Sports Academy have worked together to identify true FSS partner organizations, like Team Louisiana, NorCal, Trombly, Dallas Patriots, GBSA, Game Prep, Dirtbags, Sandlot, STX Banditos, GPS among others, which excel in player exposure and development programs and are now part of the FSS family. While the FSS Partner Program continues, there will be a strong emphasis on adhering to the event participation criteria for both teams and individual players in the newly formed circuit.

Jeremy Booth, President and CEO of Future Stars Series, expressed, “This alliance marks a pivotal step, reshaping the landscape of amateur baseball once again. It significantly amplifies the opportunities for young athletes to make a real impact and ensures a rewarding return on the investments made by their families toward their growth. Wes Rynders, who was a founding member of the Georgia Bombers and is now with Sports Academy and a Special Assistant to the President with the Future Stars Series, was a key driving force in moving the collaboration forward. He’s someone who has a profound understanding of the game and dedication to nurturing talent, and was instrumental in bridging the visions of both organizations. Together with Sports Academy, we’re not just fostering athletic growth; we’re building a robust platform that propels these promising athletes closer to their dreams of college baseball and MLB club exposure. This synergy is about more than just baseball; it’s about creating a legacy of excellence and opportunities for every aspiring player out there.”

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SA Baseball, Sports Academy’s club baseball program, is expertly designed to be a convergence point of elite sports performance and baseball skills training. At SA Baseball, we are more than a club baseball program; we are a journey that every aspiring baseball athlete dreams to embark upon, ensuring they are prepared to achieve and exceed their vision of success.

SA Baseball is where raw talent is sculpted into refined skill, ensuring our athletes are prepared and propelled into their future in the sport, embodying the perfect blend of physical prowess, strategic acumen, and the self-confidence to perform under pressure. To learn more visit

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FUTURE STARS SERIES is the Global Initiative of PROGRAM 15 and New Balance Baseball. It boasts a faculty and staff that includes multiple Major League All-Stars and World Series veterans responsible for executing the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, whose mission is to elevate the game of baseball by providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches. With a footprint in over 15 countries, participating players have earned signing bonuses well over 100M.  To learn more visit

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