Stacey Stambaugh, Broker, Team Lead, and Training and Sales Development Manager with Kentwood, Interviewed on the Elite Real Estate Leaders Podcast

Published on January 22, 2024

Stacey Stambaugh discusses the power of personal branding in the real estate industry. 

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The episode delves into the significance of starting with one platform when entering the world of social media. Stacey Stambaugh stresses the importance of selecting a single platform to learn and understand thoroughly before venturing into others. She recommends following social media influencers or managers who offer free tips and updates about the chosen platform to gain knowledge and insights.

The rationale behind focusing on one platform initially is to grasp its dynamics, audience, and features. Stacey Stambaugh notes that each platform is unique, and content that works on one may not be suitable for another. She provides an example of how they tailor their posts differently for Instagram and LinkedIn due to the distinct audiences and purposes of the two platforms.

By starting with one platform, individuals can also ensure authenticity in their content. Stacey Stambaugh mentions that Instagram, for instance, is shifting towards desiring more authenticity and personal connection. Individuals can develop their unique voice and style by concentrating on one platform, which resonates with their audience. Stacey suggests being genuine and sharing personal experiences and stories to create a genuine connection with followers.

Overall, the episode highlights the importance of commencing with one platform when entering the world of social media. By doing so, individuals can understand the chosen platform deeply, adapt their content to suit the audience and establish an authentic and meaningful connection with followers.

Stacey shared: “If I do market stats, Real estate education, any of those posts that I post on my Instagram, I will then upload them and post them to LinkedIn. So, you also kind of need to know your audience. The branding piece I think the best thing to do is start with one. Start with one platform that you want to learn and know and dive into that.”


About Stacey Stambaugh

Denver Native who entered Real Estate in 2006. Her combined experience in managing and selling real estate in Denver, and expertise in the Denver Metro area, have afforded her an unparalleled knowledge of Colorado and its Real Estate market. Through her experience, she has become an expert with a proven track record of exceptional marketing, negotiating, and innovative solutions to meet client’s goals. She possesses a keen understanding of the ever-changing residential and sales market which allows her to work in close collaboration with her renters and owners to guide and assist them to successfully gain homeownership or acquire the sought-after success of residential investment.

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