Stand Out Authority Appoints Stephanie Miller New Regional President

Published on February 5, 2015

Clint Evans and Joshua B. Lee, co-founders of Stand Out Authority, announce today that Stephanie Miller has joined the team to further develop their growing portfolio of clients. Miller was named President – East Coast Region.

“I look forward to building authority for clients through national media with the same dedication and success that has made Stand Out Authority a respected company with a stellar reputation,” stated Miller.

“Stephanie is sharp and has integrity,” said Evans. “She fits right in with Stand Out Authority’s culture. She loves to work with businesses that are involved in their local community. I love what she stands for and look forward to growing with her both personally and professionally.”

Miller brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Stand Out Authority. In 1995, she co-founded an equipment finance company that served the printing and graphic arts trades. Prior to that, Miller helped retail chains across the country increase sales, retain more customers, reduce losses and improve overall customer experience–skills she honed as an undercover investigator.

Two books Miller co-authored are Amazon best-sellers, ‘Small Business Marketing Roadmaps’ and ‘The Authority Mindset,’ which reached the number one spot in multiple categories. Miller has published articles about I.C.E. KEYTAGS, a marketing platform that keeps a business top of mind while providing peace of mind. She has used authority marketing effectively to give this product and its inventor massive media exposure including print, television and radio.

Businesses all over the U.S. will soon experience the benefits of Stand Out Authority’s process of developing, protecting and building their brand. Rich Thurman, Founder and Director of the Small Business Community Association, is Miller’s newest Stand Out Authority client.

“Effective marketing is one of the key pillars that determines the success or failure of most small businesses,” states Thurman. “I am very excited to work with Stephanie Miller and the Stand Out Authority team to provide this much needed service to our members that see the need and value they bring to the table.”

Stand Out Authority’s Chicago branch President, Joel Helfer, agrees on the value the company can provide to the SBCA members. “The single most important benefit of authority marketing is to get prospects to pick up the phone, call you, and then turn those calls into clients and orders.”

According to Miller, “The benefit of media attention is that it amplifies good deeds and can elevate your authority status, resulting in higher demand for your products and services.” This is her focus as the new President of the East Coast Region.

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