Stem Cell Recipient Shawn Wickard Presents to Group of Martial Artists

Published on December 31, 2015

On Friday, December 4th, former paraplegic and Lupus survivor, Shawn Wickard, spoke to a group of black belts and black belt candidates at Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy, Utah.

Wickard’s presentation was the beginning of a training weekend for a group of over forty black belts that culminated in a graduation ceremony later that weekend.

Shawn Wickard is the first person in the world to have received a stem cell transplant for the treatment of Lupus, an auto immune disease, and become one hundred percent fully-cured. He is also one of the few people to be paralyzed several times through the course of his life and ultimately walk again.

Teresa Lechtenberg, owner and master instructor at Personal Mastery Martial Arts stated, “Listening to Mr. Wickard was thought provoking, inspiring, amazing… I feel I could go on and on. He made everyone take a look at themselves and say ‘I can do it!’ Whatever ‘it’ may be. Very uplifting for the black belts testing and everyone lucky enough to be there.”

Wickard recently released his first book titled Impossible, Or So They Said. The inspirational book chronicles parts of his story and how he overcame being paralyzed multiple times from Lupus and his battles to escape his wheel chair and overcome hardships in his life that would have caused most people to give up and accept their fate.

Wickard is now on a mission to inspire others with his personal story of triumph in adversity and, most importantly, let people know that Lupus has a cure. 

For more information about Shawn Wickard and his speaking engagements, visit his Facebook page (Shawn Craig Wickard).

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