Stephen A. Weisberg, Nationwide Tax Attorney Reveals How To Handle The IRS When Faced With Delinquent Taxes On Business Authority Radio

Published on March 7, 2018

Nationwide Tax Attorney, Stephen A. Weisberg, was the featured guest on Business Authority Radio with host Neil Howe talking about how to handle the IRS when faced with delinquent taxes

On a recent episode of Business Authority Radio with Neil Howe, Stephen A. Weisberg, Nationwide Tax Attorney, discussed how to handle the IRS when faced with delinquent taxes.

According to Weisberg, many entrepreneurs, truck drivers, hairstylists and contractors have trouble withholding taxes because they don’t get a paycheck. Sometimes that can lead to not having enough money at the end of the year to pay their taxes.

Weisberg, said “When you get a paycheck, taxes come right out regularly so you don’t have to think about it. Self-employed individuals need to plan for taxes each quarter so there is no big surprise at the end of the year.”.

When host Neil Howe asked what specific problems entrepreneurs run into that get them into trouble with the IRS, Weisberg answered, “Most entrepreneurs have no idea what they need to pay to the IRS on a quarterly basis for their estimated taxes. If a business owner doesn’t pay them, no one is going to say anything and that can leave them with a big bill when it’s time to pay their taxes.”

During the interview, Weisberg shared what happens when a sole proprietor like a truck driver gets a letter from the IRS at the end of the year and they don’t have the money to pay, explaining, “In the case of truck drivers, the state that they registered their business can stop them from renewing their license which takes away their whole livelihood. Even if this is not the case for other business owners, penalties and fees can add up to 50% of what they owe.”.

Stephen A. Weisberg, founder of The W Tax Group in Southfield, Michigan, just north of Detroit, is a well-known tax attorney who specializes in delinquent tax problems. He has a team of tax attorneys who are able to leverage their experience and knowledge of the law to stand up to the IRS and state agencies that threaten their clients’ livelihood. They provide a personalized, free tax resolution plan so prospects feel confident about what to expect when engaging The W Tax Group to handle their tax problems.

The interview concluded with Weisberg saying “The goal of The W Tax Group is to help protect Americans nationwide against aggressive and intimidating collection policies of the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies. All too often, people with tax problems rely on under-qualified companies with a “one-size-fits-all” approach to tax issues that require up-front payment before they even really know if they can help you. The W Tax Group can help get tax debts permanently settled and protect against IRS collections.”

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