Steve Gilliland Speaks Out on Small Business Trendsetters

Published on September 26, 2015

Hall of Fame speaker, motivator, author and businessman Steve Gilliland was profiled on Small Business Trendsetters. The piece focused on the lifetime of experience he humorously shares with audiences around the world.

For Immediate Release – Freeport, PA, September 24, 2015: Small Business Trendsetters, an online review forum which highlights the movers and shakers in business today recently ran a profile piece on author, speaker and businessman, Steve Gilliland. Known as one of the most sought-after and thought-provoking speakers, Gilliland was asked to reflect on what he thinks makes his presentations resonate so soundly with audiences world-wide.

In the article, Gilliland reveals that he was able to build a multimillion-dollar company from the ground up on the same philosophy he expounds to his audiences. His presentations, “Enjoy the Ride: The True Joy of Life is in the Trip” and “Making a Difference: A Matter of Purpose, Passion & Pride” are based on two of his best-selling books. He teaches that companies that are purpose-driven rather than process-driven are those, which are most likely to succeed with employees, customers and industry peers.

“In my presentations I try to help audience members realize that they have the ability to make a difference by focusing on what they do and why they do it,” said Gilliland. “I share anecdotes from my experiences, mix in a little humor and a lot of enthusiasm, and offer practical solutions to some of the challenges they are facing in their lives.”

He reflects on a career that started with his first paid speech in 1999. Within the short span of only eight years, he knew his message was on target when he delivered his 1000th presentation. Over his career, he estimates that over 1.5 million people have now heard him speak live at over 2000 events. His message of hope and inspiration has been enthusiastically received in all 50 states and 15 countries.

The Trendsetters piece concluded with the acknowledgment that his highest compliment is when audience members recognize how genuine he is. Gilliland attributes that to a healthy sense of humor as well as his ability to offer a fresh perspective and mindset. His effectiveness as a speaker was recognized in 2012 when he officially became the 197th member elected to the National Speaker Association Speaker Hall of Fame. He was welcomed for both his success and the deeply caring attitude he presents as a speaker. Notables such as Ronald Reagan, Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale and General Colin Powell are also members.

Based on his four best-selling books, including Hide Your Goat and Detour, Gilliland was named Advantage Media Group’s 2010 Author of the Year. “Audiences and readers seem to respond to the fact that I want to help them open doors to success not only in their business lives, but in their personal lives as well,” Gilliland concluded. “I tell real-life stories that resonate with them, and provide a sense of hope and direction.”

A member of NSA’s elite Million Dollar Speakers Group, Gilliland speaks to groups of every size that spans 40 industries. Upcoming audiences include Caterpillar, Coldwell Bankers, American Public Power Association, State Farm Insurance and Charles Schwab.

About Steve Gilliland: Steve Gilliland, North America’s most award-winning speaker, is also an accomplished author and business leader. A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, he makes over 130 presentations per year and was named one of the Top 10 Motivational Speakers in 2015 by eSpeakers amongst 9,000 speakers. He can be heard daily on Sirius XM Radio’s Laugh USA. Visit the website at to watch preview videos and find more information on books, CDs and DVDs. Call 866-445-5452 or send an email to for further information on hiring Steve Gilliland as a motivational speaker.

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