Steve Rider Signs Exclusive Book Deal with XMS Publishing

Published on October 26, 2016

CEO, Top Real Estate Broker and Professional Speaker Steve Rider has signed a deal with XMS Publishing for the publishing of his upcoming book called CHANGE, which is scheduled for release in late November 2016.

PORT ST LUCIE, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 20TH, 2016 – Steve Rider, specializes in helping organizations and professional’s break down the walls of change and get on a proven path to growth and success. He has a system for getting people moving in the right direction by leading them on a path of discovery, uncovering what really matters to them and showing them that change is not the enemy.
Rider states “Life is not that complicated, don’t make it complicated. We make it complicated. Life is really pretty simple, and it’s how you adjust to change that’s going to make you either really good or really bad, and it’s going to make it really hard or really easy. If you learn to make better choices in life and learn that change is part of life, especially the change that you can control as opposed to change that is out of your control, like sickness and tragedies. CHANGE is a proven system to get you on the right track.”

Look for CHANGE in November 2016 to be available on and other national book retailers.

About Steve Rider

Steve Rider has been a top Real Estate Broker for over 35 years and has been ranked by Real Trends “Top 100 Teams in the US” since 2006. He is the CEO of the National Builder Trade In Program. Steve trains, coaches and consults with real estate agents worldwide and is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker. Steve also formed a new charity “Ikick4kidsWorld” and donates soccer balls worldwide.

Company Name: XMS Publishing
Contact Person: Keith Dougherty
Phone: 772-675-5717
Country: US