Stewart Andrew Alexander, Digital Publishing Consultant, and Host at Impact Makers Radio Celebrate Seven Years on Air

Published on May 23, 2022

Since its inception in 2015, the Impact Makers Radio, "Let's Talk Divorce!" series has sought to demystify divorce and raise awareness of the divorce culture in our society.

Host and digital publishing consultant Stewart Andrew Alexander’s guests have included experts in all areas of divorce, such as child custody, custody evaluations, alimony, child support, divorce mediation, high net worth property division, and more.

“Over the years, the time-tested podcasting platform has enabled us to present our guests as helpful, trustworthy advisors while educating and empowering our listeners about specific aspects of the divorce process,” said Alexander.

Growing up in the north of England and witnessing his parent’s high-conflict, violent, and sometimes bloody relationship inspired Alexander to create the “Let’s Talk Divorce!” series to prevent other children from suffering the same trauma.

When asked how his childhood experiences have influenced what he does today, Alexander said, “I now know that growing up with parents who were constantly in conflict with each other was one of the biggest contributors to the long-term instability in my life. As an adult, I now see first-hand the devastating effects divorce can have on families. It affects their children’s emotional, educational and professional development, and often the effects are life-long.”

Alexander refers to these children as ‘the invisible voices’ caught in the middle, not understanding their surroundings and bearing the weight of their parent’s separation on their tiny shoulders.

“Under the banner of ‘love your children more than you hate each other,’ I wanted to give those children a voice as they struggle to navigate the confusing, chaotic, and often painful times in their lives. I hope that by listening to divorce experts, parents can learn to support each other in ways that promote positivity within their family unit and transition towards an amicable relationship that their children deserve and desire – one of harmony. We, therefore, aim to provide educational content by having our expert guests address the questions people want to ask, are afraid to ask, or don’t know how to ask. Our mission is simple, to ask for them.” Alexander.

Through its long-running “Let’s Talk Divorce!” series, Impact Makers Radio has become an online podcast authority spotlighting hundreds of professionals, from family law attorneys to divorce mediators and forensic accountants. Alexander also has created divorce eBooks that help families navigate the thorniest issues during divorce transactions and has helped dozens of divorce professionals become published authors and recognized experts in their fields.

In 2022, Impact Makers Radio celebrates its seventh anniversary. They have interviewed some of the most prestigious divorce experts in the industry, such as Brad M. Micklin – a New Jersey divorce attorney known for his work with men involved in high conflict divorces; Joryn Jenkins – a Tampa, Florida collaborative family law attorney, and owner at Open Palm Law; and Elizabeth Yang, CEO, and Founder of Yang Law Offices with multiple locations in Downtown Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County and internationally.

“Reaching seven years,” added Alexander, is “an incredible accomplishment and speaks to our guests, their trust in our platform and their willingness to invest their time and expertise to help others navigate the complicated waters of divorce.”

Alexander continues to leverage his digital media and publishing expertise to expand Impact Makers Radio’s client portfolios.

About Stewart Andrew Alexander:

Stewart Andrew Alexander is the founder of Impact Makers Radio, a sister company of MediaGroup15™. As a digital publishing consultant, Stewart helps pre-qualified clients to leverage his relationships with publishers and media outlets so they can be seen, heard, and recognized as the helpful, trustworthy advisors they truly are. He is the editor-in-chief of several divorce, retirement, and bankruptcy-related books and the author of “Credibility Breakthroughs: How to Establish Instant Credibility and Trust with Prospects and Clients,” published in 2015.

If you are a divorce-based professional and would like to be a guest on Impact Makers Radio’s “Let’s Talk Divorce!” series or know someone who might be a good guest for the show, contact Stewart on LinkedIn

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